The Right Fit

At Cornerstone Data Systems, we set ourselves apart from the crowd through our unique boutique approach tailored for your business.

Why Choose Us

At Cornerstone we understand that great service is about more than just giving you the products you need, at the right prices. It’s about creating an entire experience for you and making sure you are informed and happy at every stage of the process. Some consulting firms view their customers as a source of income and nothing more; they deliver what you asked for, bill you the maximum possible rate and move on. At Cornerstone we try to do things differently- focusing on a long term relationship, getting involved in delivering solutions for your business and going above and beyond your requests.

Our boutique philosophy focuses on one-on-one support and long term engagement, working with you at every stage of the process to make sure we deliver exceptional results and impeccable service. Our commitment to the customer experience ensures we have a very high retention rate. Once you experience our bespoke, hands-on style, you’ll see why.

More than Just Advice

At Cornerstone we don’t simply offer suggestions on how to improve your business or systems and then leave you to get on with it. We get involved in your business, help your team set goals, and partner with you on the challenges that modern businesses face.

Once we have worked to understand your needs and developed the right strategy of technological solutions to help you advance, that isn’t the end of our relationship. We remain with you to ensure your new assets and services are successfully implemented, guiding you on getting the most out of your new technology.

Whether you called on us for improved security, systems architecture, Oracle Cloud, business intelligence or any of our other service areas you can count on us to stick with you until you are totally satisfied that the job is done.

Reliable and Responsive

Outstanding customer experience is part of the culture at Cornerstone. Giving our customers, the best possible experience from the moment they step through our doors is ingrained into every level of our business. We want our relationships to be long lasting and we value long-term engagement over short-term gain.

To this end you will find that our teams are always available to talk to, whether you need advice or want to change the direction of the services we are providing. Our technology is structured around agility and responsiveness, meaning we can quickly adapt and reorient ourselves to the ever changing needs of businesses. We deliver solutions quickly across all our platforms, giving you a seamless experience.

Results Focused on You

All of our products and services are driven by customer needs, not our own profit margins. When we deliver our results we won’t overload you with excessive data; we filter through the research to give you the specific and detailed answers you need in a way that’s tailor made to your business needs. Our results are focused, timely and built around helping to take your business to the next level.

At Cornerstone, customer experience is all about the personal touch and delivering more than just a standard consulting service. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our commitment to our customers.


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