Oracle Hardware, Cloud, and Licensing

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Oracle Overview

CDSI partners with Oracle to deliver only the best IT infrastructure solutions. Here are a few of our product offerings that our partners offer, and that we can implement to help your business succeed.

Oracle Cloud

Cloud computing is the future of IT – and the Oracle Cloud offers an incredibly powerful, robust private cloud solution that can help business take advantage of the many benefits of off-site IT infrastructure.

We offer Oracle Cloud applications over a wide range of services –  including SaaS (Software as a Service, Paas (Platform as a Service), IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service), and DaaS (Data as a Service).

Our team offers full support over every single one of these product offerings – we can help you deploy, maintain, and manage a fully cloud-based IT infrastructure, providing you with enhanced scalability and business agility.

Oracle Database

Databases are at the heart of every modern business, and integrated Oracle Database solutions can provide your company with the flexible, powerful performance that it needs to manage the increasingly large datasets of the modern world.

Cornerstone offers comprehensive data management solutions that can provide your company with the path that it needs towards an Oracle Database implementation. Even if you’re running on legacy software or hardware, our team of specialists can help you move your databases to Oracle’s cloud-ready platform – without any loss of data or application changes.

Best of all, all Oracle Databases are cloud-ready. So whether you’re interested in a private, on-premises database, or a flexible, IaaS Oracle Database, Cornerstone can help you find and implement the perfect solution for your database needs.

Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle Engineered Systems are the future of cutting-edge performance. Unlike third-party servers, Oracle Engineered Systems integrate Oracle-designed hardware and software into cutting-edge, high-performance packages that offer unparalleled efficiency, data security, and performance.

Because Oracle has custom-designed each and every Oracle Engineered System, the complexity and cost of these systems are massively reduced, compared to a traditional, third-party server. Licensing costs are lower, and Oracle Engineered Systems are also much easier to maintain.

Finally, robust documentation and support by Oracle ensure that your systems management and administration process is simple, foolproof, and incredibly cost-efficient, making Oracle Engineered Systems a fantastic choice for any company who is looking for a low-cost, powerful and highly reliable Oracle system.

Whether you need a database application, are looking for network-attached storage, or are choosing a backup solution for your databases, there’s an Oracle Engineered System that’s perfect for your needs.

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