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Cornerstone is a comprehensive, fully-integrated IT consultancy, and our technical specialists offer a huge variety of services over many different areas of expertise.

Migration And Consolidation Services

If you need to migrate your IT infrastructure to a new Oracle database, or are looking to upgrade and consolidate your current IT databases and infrastructure, Cornerstone is the perfect company to work with.

Our team of experts will work directly with your IT team to ensure that the data migration and consolidation process goes off without a hitch.

As a certified Oracle partner, we’re experts when it comes to Oracle database appliances and engineered systems, so you can be certain that we’ll help you choose the right devices for your specific needs, and help you migrate your most crucial data safely, quickly, and effectively.

Managed Services

As IT infrastructures and the complexity of their required systems continues to grow, companies are beginning to turn to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to augment their IT staff, providing proactive maintenance and administration of crucial storage devices, databases, and other important IT systems.

Cornerstone can provide multiple levels of MSP services, allowing your company to outsource daily tasks. Our managed services include:

  • Database support
  • IT infrastructure managed services
  • Security services
  • Operating systems management
  • Storage services
  • Monitoring services

Whether you’re looking for a simple security audit or a comprehensive, outsourced managed service provider, Cornerstone is here to help.

Database Services

Cornerstone specializes in comprehensive database solutions, ranging from simple database administration and upkeep to completely outsourced database management services. Our team of experts can ensure that your Oracle systems are running smoothly, effectively, and are patched for the latest security vulnerabilities.

We can perform data migrations, help you recover from data loss, consult with you about Oracle database solutions, and perform deep analytics on your Oracle databases to ensure that they are functioning correctly.

We also offer comprehensive Remote Database Administration (RDA) to companies outside of the Houston, TX and Atlanta, GA areas, so whether you’re an American company or a multinational conglomerate, we can take care of your database administration needs.

Cloud Services

The cloud is the future of computing – but many companies are still, a bit worried about the process of migrating to the cloud. Never fear – Cornerstone can walk you through the whole process.

Whether you’re looking to set up a simple private cloud storage device, or attempting to move your entire IT infrastructure toward a cloud-based model using IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) PaaS (Platform as a service) and SaaS (software as a service) models, Cornerstone can help.

Our expertise with Oracle cloud appliances and cloud migrations makes us the perfect partner for all of your cloud-based needs. We’ll work with you to select the perfect platform for your company, and provide comprehensive, hands-on-consulting throughout the entire process.

Big Data Services/BI (Business Intelligence)

Your data is only useful if you can understand it. Cornerstone is an ideal partner for your company if you’re looking at implementing a new Big Data platform.

We’re certified Cloudera Hadoop partners, and can aid your IT team as they implement your new platform. With the expert guidance of our consulting team, your new big data appliance is certain to be a success, and we can give you actionable datasets within days of implementation.

Our services don’t end there, though. We retain a highly-skilled team of business intelligence professionals who can help your team use your new big data appliance to its utmost potential, and give your company smart insights on its performance – and where hidden business opportunities or vulnerabilities may lie.

IT Security Services

The last thing any company wants is a high-profile data breach. Our team of security experts can audit and assess the IT security of your company, allowing you to gain better insight about both your strengths and your vulnerabilities.

We don’t just stop there, though. We can offer comprehensive security plans based on the findings of our security audits, which will provide your company with simple, easily-actionable steps to increase your IT security and protect your most important data from unwanted intruders.

Algorithm & Systems Design Services

The highly complex IT systems and infrastructures of today demand increasingly robust algorithms to be used in order to provide cross-platform, comprehensive understanding.

Cornerstone employs a number of highly specialized engineers, mathematicians, and IT experts who can collaborate with your team to create customized algorithms built for your needs, cutting through the “noise” of your data to provide better insight into your data, and give you an edge over the competition.

In addition, our team can help your company design scalable, powerful IT systems that are optimized for use with our advanced algorithms, further increasing the efficiency and simplicity of your infrastructure.

Mobile Application Development

Whether you’re simply trying to develop a mobile-friendly method by which employees can access your databases, or are a software developer focused on creating scalable, mobile-ready applications, Cornerstone is an ideal mobile development partner.

Our consultants offer a wide range of mobile application development services. We offer services from simple advising to hands-on development – and everything in between.

So if you’re feeling unsure about your ability to develop an application for a mobile platform, contact Cornerstone today – we can help you understand the basics about mobile development, and aid your team as you move forward with your project.

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