Retail Expertise

Our dedication to implementing top-of-the-line retail solutions allows you to change with the times easily, and take maximum advantages of new systems and breakthroughs.

Retail Expertise

Cornerstone has years of experience working with top-tier retail clients – some of these include companies like PGA Tour, Titlemax, and General Electric.

Our knowledge and expertise are perfectly suited to help your company adapt to the rapidly changing landscape of retail – revolutions in retail like changes in payment systems, rapid adoption of mobile technologies, and an increase in omnichannel sales will require retailers to be flexible, modern, and ready to change with the times.

Cornerstone makes the perfect partner in these changing times because of our boutique, one-on-one service model. We’re not trying to maximize billable hours – just maximize results to propel your business forward, and modernize your capabilities with scalable, reliable infrastructure and system architecture.

Higher Performance, Higher Availability

The consumers of today demand a smooth, flawless experience when purchasing items – whether online or in person. Even the slightest delays can have an adverse effect on the behavior of your customers.

Because of this, your Oracle databases must be both highly available and as fast as possible. The former is obvious – a customer can’t purchase anything if your servers have crashed, or are down for maintenance. However, speed is often overlooked – and hard to increase without retooling your system architecture.

Cornerstone specializes in the rapid deployment of reliable Oracle database systems which can phase-out older architecture and databases at a speed that’s comfortable for your company and your specific needs. Our specialists will consult with your team and devise a plan appropriate for your company, your budget, and your IT needs.

We know that there is no one-size-fits-all plan – each retailer has its own specific needs, and we take a deep dive into your current architecture, business plan, and infrastructure to understand both where you are, and where you need to be to compete in today’s growing retail environment.

Modern Security Solutions

With so many recent high-profile breaches of retail institutions – Home Depot and Target, among others – retail database security is becoming a hot topic in the industry, and Cornerstone specializes in securing your most sensitive databases, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business – not worrying about whether or not your customer’s information is protected.

Our experts can analyze your current systems and databases, and offer recommendations or upgrades according to your specific needs, giving you peace of mind and the knowledge that the trust of your customers won’t be lost due to a data breach.

Scalability for Maximum Growth Potential

The landscape of retail is changing – omnichannel selling, a large and increasingly complicated set of payment methods including EMV chips, mobile payments, and integration of services like PayPal and Venmo, and an increase in the use of mobile devices both for service and purchasing are all paving the way for a landscape of change in years to come.

If your company is not ready for these changes, your sales and your profits may suffer. If you’re concerned about your legacy systems and ready to make a change to a scalable, modern Oracle platform, get in touch today – we can take a look at your systems, provide recommendations, and even implement a SaaS Oracle platform that’s scalable, future-proof, and highly agile.

Our dedication to implementing top-of-the-line technological solutions allows you to change with the times easily, and take maximum advantages of new systems and breakthroughs.

If you’re a retailer and you need an upgrade, analysis – or even just a second opinion on your IT infrastructure, get in touch with Cornerstone today. Our experts will walk you through the steps you need, to remain competitive in today’s market, and give hands-on advice throughout the entire process.

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