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Reliable IT Solutions

Improved Business Operations

Predictable and Cost-Effective

How much is lack of control over your database and IT systems really costing you?

  • Is your staff frustrated and unproductive?
  • Are you constantly in the throes of an IT crisis?
  • Are you worried about losing important data?
  • Do you have Difficulty in bridging knowledge gaps quickly with limited staff?
  • How do you keep necessary tasks, such as server maintenance detracting from moving the company forward?

We understand. Times are hard, we know your IT department has to perform more efficiently, provide more value, all while keeping costs down. CDSI provides reliable and cost-efficient Managed Services and Cloud Managed Services to keep your business running at a price you can afford.

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Use CDSI’s Managed Services and Get Your Peace of Mind Back.


Highly Productive Staff

Cornerstone can take on the burden of supporting your databases and systems at the highest levels allowing your staff to focus on value added activities.

Improve Your Business Operations

We identify process improvements, helping you in overcoming IT/Database hurdles in a cost-effective manner. Downtime is costing you money and productivity. Managed services will minimize the risk of time loss.


Reliable Support

With pressure on the IT department to provide business value to the organization beyond keeping the lights on, new challenges emerge among database support and systems. We identify gaps, security risks, redesign systems, then correct and proactively work to keep your business running with reliability and consistent availability of servers and databases while reducing the workload and the cost to keep them up to date.

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Why Companies Choose Us

  • Thought & strategic leadership is included for all our clients
  • We provide flexible arrangements working on-site or remote
  • We Offer boutique services, so that you don’t pay for services you don’t need
  • We provide one-on-one support & training for your staff to help your teams to learn how to manage Database responsibilities efficiently together
  • We provide you with expert-level resources with real world experience

Your business deserves reliable managed IT services that do more than just keep the lights on. You need managed services that keep your business thriving day in and day out. That’s what we’re here to do for you.


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Database Managed Services

Whether looking for an On-Prem or a Cloud MSP CDSI can provide the managed services you need. Our flexible, bespoke MSP services bundling reflects our boutique attitude towards Managed IT solutions – you’ll never pay us for more services than you need.

Database Managed Services:

  • Oracle Managed Services
  • SQLServer Managed Services
  • PostgreSQL Managed Services

Our MSP Support services include:

  • Remote database administration and monitoring
  • Operating system administration and monitoring
  • Custom software development
  • Hosting services
  • System and database tuning

Whether you need just one of these packages, or a comprehensive database support team, we’ve got you covered, and our consultants will recommend whatever solution is best for your company – not just what’s best for our bottom line. With flexible managed services contracts we can provide a cost effective solution for your managed IT needs.

As an experienced Cloud Managed Service Provider providing both SQLServer and Oracle managed cloud services you can be assured we can meet your needs.

IT Infrastructure Managed Services

IT Infrastructure Managed Services is a growing field, especially with the expansion of IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) business models from companies like Oracle.

But whether you’ve got a cloud infrastructure, or a locally-hosted corporate data center, our team of experts can help you manage all of your important infrastructure, allowing you to concentrate on growing your business, rather than worrying about the performance and integrity of your data clusters. Some of our services include:

  • Server Management through the Operating System layer
  • Local area network services and managed internet access services
  • Managed firewall services
  • Data backups
  • Hardware/operating system monitoring and OS patching
  • Hardware installation, equipment management, and power management.
  • 24/7 support service
Managed Monitoring Services

Monitoring services are actually quite underutilized in today’s IT world, but offer a host of benefits. Monitoring a system closely means you can identify problems or areas of concern before they fail, allowing for lower system downtime and a more available, reliable data center.

Cornerstone’s MSP technology is capable of tracking and monitoring just about every piece of critical infrastructure imaginable – databases, servers, email systems, operating systems, and websites included. With either our standard or advanced monitoring plan, you’ll be alerted about potential problems immediately, allowing for action to prevent or quickly resolve them. These services can:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Help you shift IT staff resources
  • Prevent loss of business due to poor availability of service

And don’t worry – we’re not the only ones watching your systems. With our SunGuard managed customer portal, you’ll have a detailed view of all of your security devices, and be provided with plentiful reports about devices accessing your network and your systems.

Operating Systems Managed Services

Nobody wants to spend downtime waiting for OS upgrades, or be forced to stay late to do rolling reboots and upgrades on equipment during off hours.

Our remote operating systems management team can provide administration, management, and monitoring of AIX, HP/UX, Linux (Red Hat, SuSE, Freebsd, Others), Microsoft Windows, and Solaris systems, freeing your team to concentrate on what’s important. By turning over administration to Cornerstone, you can:

  • Free up overworked IT staff to perform other duties
  • Increase productivity by ensuring up-to-date operating systems
  • Reduce business risk by patching security vulnerabilities quickly and easily

Our features range from simple patch administration to full-service cluster and partition management, and our group of specialists will regularly report to your staff to inform you of the condition of your systems.

Security Services Management

Security is crucial to any modern business. Your data is extremely important, and must be protected from attackers. Advanced monitoring systems, countermeasures, and vulnerability assessments are only part of the service that we offer, including:

  • Managed Firewall and VPN Services
  • Managed Vulnerability Assessments
  • Managed Intrusion Protection & Detection
  • Identity & Access Management

And since we’re available 24/7 to help with security issues, you know you’ll get the fastest response – when you need it most.

Storage Services

Robust, redundant data storage is crucial in the modern IT world, but administering these systems can be frustrating and time-consuming for IT staff who need to perform other duties.

Cornerstone offers a huge variety of managed data services, including SAN services, data backup services, and vaulting services.

  • SAN Services – Cornerstone is highly experienced at setting up new data centers and implementing RAID-protected, easily-scalable hosted storage solutions.
  • Data Backup – These services allow for constant monitoring, updating, and backups of critical information, providing a low-downtime solution to system errors and failures.
  • Vaulting Services – With Cornerstone data vaulting, you can set up a server – anywhere – to automatically backup data to one of our highly secure data centers, with a minimum amount of IT staff involvement.

So if you’re looking to implement a new cloud storage solution, or just need to backup your current on-prem infrastructure, talk to Cornerstone about our managed storage services. We can help.

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