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Unlock Your Business’s Potential with CDSI’s Expert Managed IT Services for Oracle and Microsoft Technologies

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Reliable IT Solutions

Improved Business Operations

Predictable and Cost-Effective

How much is lack of control over your database and IT systems really costing you?

  • Is your IT staff frustrated and unproductive?
  • Are you constantly in the throes of an IT crisis?
  • Are you worried about losing important data?
  • Do you have difficulty in bridging knowledge gaps quickly with limited staff?
  • How do you keep necessary tasks, such as server maintenance detracting from moving the company forward?

We understand. Times are hard, we know your IT department has to perform more efficiently, provide more value, all while keeping costs down. CDSI provides reliable and cost-efficient Managed IT Services and Cloud Managed Services to keep your business running at a price you can afford.

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Use CDSI’s Managed Database Services and Get Your Peace of Mind Back.

Managed IT Services - Cornerstone Data Systems, Inc

Highly Productive Staff

Cornerstone can take on the burden of supporting your databases and systems at the highest levels allowing your staff to focus on value added activities.

Improve Your Business Operations

We identify process improvements, helping you in overcoming IT & Database hurdles in a cost-effective manner. Downtime is costing you money and productivity. Managed services will minimize the risk of time loss.

Managed IT Services - Improve Your Business Operations - Cornerstone Data Systems, Inc
Managed IT Services - Reliable Database & Cloud Support - Cornerstone Data Systems, Inc

Reliable Database & Cloud Support

With pressure on the IT department to provide business value to the organization beyond keeping the lights on, new challenges emerge among database support and systems. We identify gaps, security risks, redesign systems, then correct and proactively work to keep your business running with reliability and consistent availability of servers and databases while reducing the workload and the cost to keep them up to date.

Why Companies Choose Us

  • Thought & strategic leadership is included for all our clients
  • We provide flexible arrangements working on-site or remote
  • We Offer boutique services, so that you don’t pay for IT services you don’t need
  • We provide one-on-one support & training for your staff to help your teams to learn how to manage Database responsibilities efficiently together
  • We provide you with expert-level resources with real world experience

Your business deserves reliable managed technology services that do more than just keep the lights on. You need managed services that keep your business thriving day in and day out. That’s what we’re here to do for you.


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Unlock the Power of Managed IT Services: Your Essential Guide from Cornerstone Database Services

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