Complex Algorithm Design Services

Algorithm & Systems Design Expertise

Our team of complex algorithm design experts excel in the design and creation of complex software systems.  With extensive classical training in computer science, engineering, and higher-level mathematics, our analytical and methodological problem solving approach empowers us to create novel solutions.

  • Complex Algorithm & Systems Design
  • Application Architecture, Development, & Deployment
  • Parallel Multi-Core Design & Development

What our clients say about Cornerstone’s Complex Algorithm Design Services

Our company collects and processes massive amounts of e-commerce telemetry data. Over time we simply out grew the original design of our primary platform, and needed help to re-work and optimize our code. Cornerstone was able to step in, evaluate our current solution quickly, and provide insight guidance that ultimately improved the performance of our solution, decreased hardware costs, and helped adopt a cloud ready scale-out approach. – Grant C. (Internet Marketing Industry)

Complex Algorithm Design Services Offered by Cornerstone

  • Complex Algorithm Design
  • New algorithm development
  • Algorithm optimization & redesign
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Function Development
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Image Processing
  • Signal Processing
  • Software Architectures
  • Agile & Regulated Environment Development
  • Production Code Development
  • Virtualization
  • Project Management & Development
  • Product Design
  • Product Testing
  • Parallel Multi-Core Design and Development

Why Choose Us?

At Cornerstone Data Systems, Inc., we leverage the extensive expertise of top leaders in the fields of computer science, mathematics, and engineering. We consult with companies who need to implement industry-specific solutions that leverage the latest cutting-edge software and hardware technologies. Our bespoke, tailored solutions are carefully designed and deployed to meet your organization’s exact needs perfectly, bringing impressive returns on your investment with us.

Algorithm & Systems Development Services

We work with clients to determine the right technologies and the most useful mathematical algorithms for any situation. From concept to production, our robust algorithm development and systems development services can help maximize the operational efficiency of your most mission critical systems.

  • System understanding. As the number of features in a system grows, its complexity increases. Greater complexity can bring exponentially higher development and maintenance costs, as well as providing ever more points in the system at which something can go wrong. It’s essential to develop functional architectures that implement complex networking logic and behavior in the underlying algorithms. Our deep understanding of complex mathematical systems enables us to develop new algorithms and optimize existing algorithms to accommodate growing complexity.
  • Interdisciplinary solutions. There are numerous disciplines within algorithm development, and when combined, they become even more powerful. Bringing together interdisciplinary expertise allows us to implement advanced features that are spread across multiple system components, meeting the needs of a variety of industries.

Application Architecture Development & Deployment

At Cornerstone Data Systems, Inc., we work with enterprises to develop and deploy software architecture with maximum scalability. Scalable systems can grow to accommodate increasing levels of complexity. A system can be described as “scalable” if it remains practical and efficient when applied to larger situations — more input data, more users, more participating nodes in a distributed system.

We work with organizations to create applications that are designed to scale, accommodating future business growth and providing much-needed flexibility in the face of change and growing complexity.

Our recommendations are based on years of extensive experience and a deep understanding of the realities of practical implementation of these systems for a variety of industries.

  • Project management & ongoing development. Software development is an undertaking that requires careful planning and strategy. We handle the entire development lifecycle, from envisioning and planning to actual development and final stabilization.
  • Product Design. We can help transform your product idea into a reality.
  • Product Testing. Testing is essential to ensure the quality and functionality of any software product prior to deployment.

Parallel Multi-Core Design & Development

We design multi-threaded applications capable of leveraging the power of multicore processor designs, making the best use of the available technology to maximize efficiency. Multicore microprocessors combine more than one independent processors into one integrated circuit, enabling software to operate in parallel at the level of threads — the smallest sequences of programmed instructions that an operating system’s scheduler can manage independently.

Multi-thread parallel programming, which divides program instructions across multiple processors, enables software to run much faster. Leveraging this potential for better processing speed can greatly improve the efficiency and maximize the value of your software systems.

Complex Algorithm Design based in the United States (USA)

At Cornerstone Data Systems, Inc., we’re based right here in the United States. While we work with companies in Europe, and Asia our US clients gain the value of geographical proximity. Because we’re headquartered here, we can more easily provide on-premise consultation and services, while minimizing your travel expenses and streamlining communication.

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