Prepare for Oracle Audits with Our Robust & Cost Effective Soft Audit

Developed to Analyze, Discover, and Correct your Oracle License Deficiencies.

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Are you due for an Oracle License Audit? Avoid…

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in back services fees and penalties.

Being forced to buy new licenses at a premium.

Losing the ability to freely reconfigure your IT environment.

Risking your reputation due to improper licensing.

You don’t have to live with the intense anxiety caused by a sudden Oracle License Management Services (LMS) audit.

Significant Oracle license deficiency can easily cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, but that doesn’t mean you have to Roll the Audit Dice. CDSI’s Software Audit will help you:

Avoid License Deficiencies

Our Software Audit will help you understand any gaps that may exist in your Oracle License requirements to ensure your database environment doesn’t contain unlicensed software and options.

Avoid Expensive Fines

Our Soft Audit may prevent hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines and penalties.

Bring Environment Up to Oracle License Standards

Once our scan is complete, we will provide the most cost-effective mitigation options and provide Oracle licensing options at a discounted rate.

Save Hours of Wasted Time

When Oracle comes to perform an audit, you will deal with weeks of tied up resourcesOur scan is performed in the background and requires zero database downtime and virtually none of your staff’s time.

Cut stress, exorbitant penalties, and Oracle lingering over your database environment

With our Software Audit, we quietly scan your database environment, find unknown license gaps, and optimize your Oracle License footprint at a fraction of the price of having an out of compliance environment. With our audit output you can quickly and easily show LMS that you are in compliance so they move on to the next guy!

Four steps to assure you are safe from a mountain of fees and months of headaches

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A software audit from Oracle can be costly.  Download the Oracle Licensing and Software Audit guide now.

On-going license compliance assurance

Cornerstone Data Systems can provide your organization comfort in knowing that you remain compliant with our License Compliance Managed Services.

Being compliant is not as simple as taking a snapshot in time. With a continually changing deployment and system landscape, it is easy for organizations to lose compliance over time. With Oracle’s open deployment strategy, a simple database command is all it takes to turn on a software option, putting you out of compliance and at risk. With our monitoring of your software licensing, it is not a guess that your Oracle environment remains compliant but a fact.

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At Cornerstone, we know you want to be a robust and forward-moving business without worrying about unforeseen audits.

For that to happen, you need a soft Oracle License Audit. The issue is that if you try to do this on your own, the process will be complicated, costly, and ineffective.

We believe that your time is valuable. And you really shouldn’t have to waste it on running license scans that cause weeks of database and employee downtime.

With over 24 years of experience, Cornerstone has provided database and systems support for more than 100 clients. We understand Oracle licensing’s intricacies and utilize Oracle Audit equivalent tools for scanning your environment for all installed software, tools, and options for an in-depth comparison against your purchased licenses.

Cornerstone also provides recommendations to lower your license costs and overall license footprint.

Save hundreds of thousands of dollars in fees, back support penalties, and fines by assuring you are compliant with your Oracle license.