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Worry less about data breaches or inefficient, slow performance – allow our team of consulting experts to take a look at your database and help you maximize the efficiency of your current IT infrastructure.

Financial Services Expertise

Financial databases are often incredibly difficult and resource intensive to deal with – not just because of their size, complexity, and importance to financial services companies – but also due to the strict regulatory and compliance standards required by law for the IT infrastructure of financial service companies.

If you’ve been looking at upgrading your current Oracle database solution, or migrating to Oracle, you’ve found the right company. At Cornerstone, we’re Oracle experts, and our technological expertise and our stellar track record in the financial services industry speak for themselves. Cornerstone offers:

Oracle Database Optimization and Security

We can help you optimize and secure your existing Oracle databases, or even aid you in scaling your existing IT infrastructure with your current or expected growth. Cornerstone can help secure and optimize your database, offer access management solutions, and ensure compliance with legal standards and regulations.

Worry less about data breaches or inefficient, slow performance – allow our team of consulting experts to take a look at your database and help you maximize the efficiency of your current IT infrastructure.


* Improve Efficiency – Avoid needless redundancies and poorly optimized databases.

* Improve Security – Your data is the lifeblood of your business. Don’t let a costly breach destroy your company’s reputation – our experts can lock down your database and offer advanced identification and security solutions.

* Leverage Your Data – Intuitive tools and in-depth database analysis allows you to make better decisions with the data you already have.

* Regulatory Compliance – We ensure that your database is up to legal standards for regulatory compliance – and take the necessary steps to comply, if necessary.

Managed Database Services – Including RDA (Remote Database Administration)

If your IT team is stretched too thin, or you’ve experienced rapid growth and need the help of an external consultancy, Cornerstone is here to help.

Our team of experts is highly qualified at the maintenance and upkeep of financial databases for a reasonable fee, allowing you to relax and know that your crucial data is in the hands of experienced professionals specializing in regulatory compliance, data integrity, and database optimization.


* Keep Pace with Customer Needs – Having what your customer needs – before they need it – helps keep your financial services company ahead of the pack.

* Phased Implementation – Your legacy hardware will be migrated to a SaaS Oracle Database in a controlled, highly secure environment.

* Deliver Improved Services to Customers – Your customers demand the best, and an optimized database solution can help you deliver the best.

Business Acceleration With Agile Growth

We understand that when a business grows, it’s IT structures don’t always grow with it – indeed, the actual lifeblood of many companies, including ERP and databases, are often neglected until the last minute.

If you find yourself in need of a fast, scalable solution for the database and IT infrastructure of your financial services company, Cornerstone should be your first call. We specialize in implementing fast, fully optimized Oracle databases that are totally scalable – you won’t have to worry about your latest IT investment being obsolete in a year or two.

In addition, our lean database development team and agile approach to consulting allows your business to grow – less time spent on administration and optimization of databases gets your financial analysts the data they need without a struggle, and keeps your business moving and growing.


* Improve go-to-market time – Your services will be more efficient, and allow your company to distinguish itself from the competition

* High Scalability – Meet your future needs with a highly scalable database architecture.

* Implement Specialized Applications – Customize your business needs with purpose-built software and application solutions.

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