Engineered Systems and Cloud Migrations

Migrate to Oracle Cloud and Engineered Systems

At Cornerstone, based in Atlanta GA, we pride ourselves on being technical experts who understand how important your data is – and when working alongside your IT team, our specialists can ensure a smooth, flawless transition to the cloud.

What our clients say about Cornerstone’s Migration Services

The business demand for technology solutions outpaced what our IT services department could deliver, so we turned to cloud to gain new capabilities. Cornerstone stepped in and helped create the vision for what our new cloud would look like and help build out new services in Oracle’s cloud. It wasn’t long before we began lift-and-shift activities to move services from our datacenter to the cloud. We’ve never looked back. – Shane S. (an Atlanta GA financial services company)

Migration and Consolidation Services

When running a business, your data is your livelihood – but it can get out of control, especially if you’re planning on switching to a cloud-architecture.

You’ve got to make sure you consolidate your data so that you’re not wasting time, money, and infrastructure capacity, but you also want to make sure that all of the data you truly need is easily accessible, and migrates smoothly from your old systems to your new, cloud infrastructure.

At Cornerstone, we pride ourselves on being technical experts who understand how important your data is – and when working alongside your IT team, our specialists can ensure a smooth, flawless transition to the cloud.

Cloud Overview

The cloud is simply a more efficient way of enabling the business with technology. By switching to cloud services, your company doesn’t have to waste as much time, energy, or money maintaining (and upgrading) on-site servers and database systems.

You also ensure you’ll never run out of capacity – while adding new capacity to an on-site system can be nightmarish (and require downtime) adding additional capacity via the cloud is surprisingly simple.

 Cloud Strategy And Architecture

Some of the most important parts of a cloud migration must be sorted out before work even begins – planning implementation, maintenance responsibilities and processes, visualization of common pitfalls (and avoidance), costs and licensing considerations, and more.

Cornerstone’s boutique consulting plan helps us deeply understand the needs of your business when it comes to implementing a cloud strategy – we don’t seek to boost our bottom line at the expense of your time, just to deliver exceptional service and expertise. You can trust us to help you think through your cloud migration plan and deliver advice when you need it, and help when you want it.

Cloud Migration and Consolidation Services

Migration from an on-premises system to the cloud can be terrifying – but it doesn’t have to be.

The unique hands-on consulting model of Cornerstone ensures that our team of experienced engineers and data architects will help provide leadership, guidance, and expertise to the IT staff of all of our customers.

If you run into some serious problems, we’re always ready to roll up our sleeves, and turn our minds to the task at hand. And by helping you get to the cloud and reduce on-premises services, we help you cut costs, while increasing data availability, and creating a more lean and agile company.

Data Center Migration and Consolidation Services

Cornerstone is an expert not only at migrating on-premises services to the cloud, but at dealing with existing Oracle Database migrations and consolidations.

Our expert knowledge of Oracle’s Database Appliance offerings ensures that we can always pick the best, most easy-to-use and easy to administer solution for you by cutting out the features that you don’t need.

By purchasing and implementing purpose-built, pre-engineered Oracle systems that are built for high availability and reliability, we can help your company save money.

In addition, your IT team will have a much easier time administering your databases, and the process of adding additional capacity when your company needs to scale will be intuitive and cost-effective.

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