Oracle Engineered Systems – the best place to run Oracle databases.

Simplifies digital transformations, increases database performance and reduces costs – With multiple options ranging from the Oracle Database Appliance to Exadata on Prem, Exadata cloud or Exadata cloud at customer the right solution exists for your needs.

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Higher Performance

Lower cost

Less headache

Need to increase Performance and Operational Efficiency?

Cornerstone’s will help determine the best Engineered system configuration to meet your needs at the lowest cost/highest performance intersection.

Our existing Oracle database platforms needed to be refreshed. Cornerstone introduced our business to Oracle’s engineered systems. The performance increase we expected, but the operational efficiency has been a game changer. – David S. (Retail Industry)

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3 Steps to get an Engineered Systems Plan

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Oracle Engineered systems are full stack integrated solutions providing Optimal Performance and the Lowest overall cost for running Oracle Databases. Unlike commodity servers, you only need to license processing cores you actively use- saving significantly on licensing costs while allowing room for growth.

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Cornerstone – Cloud and Database Experts

Oracle Engineered Systems – Integrated, full-stack solutions that are developed with Oracle Database and applications to run crucial customer workloads faster, at lower costs, and with greater security than multivendor, on-premises solutions.

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