Agentless, AI-Powered, No Code VM Automation

Management with Agentless, AI-Powered, No Code IT Automation! Create, Deploy and Manage your Virtual Machines effortlessly at Scale!

  • Reduce your VM infrastructure costs!
  • Reduce error levels!
  • Create higher visibility of your VM environment!
  • Deploy easily at Scale!

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Virtual Machine Management and Orchestration Effortlessly at Scale

Overwhelmed with Managing your Virtual Environments?

  • Is your VM environment out of control?
  • How much of your IT resources are tied up managing your VM environment?
  • Or are you not really managing the VM environment and hoping for the best?
  • Have you experienced error events related to your VM environment management?
  • Do you have good visibility of your VM environment?

The Sigma Platform can solve all these problems!

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Use Sigma to Automate and Orchestrate deployment of your Virtual Machine environment


Key components include:

  • AI driven script creation and deployment automation
  • Configuration management at scale
  • Deployment Orchestration at scale

  • Advanced Dashboard metrics

  • Muli Cloud compute orchestration – Hyper-v, VMware vCenter, Azure, OCI, AWS, Docker and more!

  • No additional agents

  • Seamlessly integrate ITSM, AI and more

Why Companies Choose Us

  • We have provided over 100 clients a personalized experience for 24 years
  • Our boutique service model allows you to choose what you need for your business — no expensive bundles, just cost-effective solutions
  • Thought & strategic leadership is included for all our clients
  • Flexibility of service ensures the optimal performance and efficient operation and development of your cloud solution
  • We assist organizations in optimizing their Oracle license expenditure while ensuring they remain compliant
  • We provide 24/7 support and managed services
  • We provide can one-on-one support & training for your staff to help your teams to learn how to manage Cloud responsibilities efficiently together
  • We can provide you with expert-level resources on multiple cloud solutions, including Oracle, Microsoft and AWS

3 Steps to an getting your Virtual Machine Environment under control

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