Leverage Open Source products for cost effective Development environments and Databases

Open source products such as Kubernetes and PostgreSQL can create stable, efficient and cost effective environments for your applications.

Kubernetes – Container management and deployment

PostgreSQL (aka Postgres) – Open source database

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Lower Deployment cost

Improved efficiency

Open source

Kubernetes – Containerized and Micro-Architecture applications

  • Do you need to lower development costs?
  • Do you need to decrease error risk?
  • Do you need to accelerate development time to market?
  • Do you need air-tight application security?

Utilization of containers and Kuberneties for management and deployment of the containers may be the answer you are looking for- CDSI can help.

PostgreSQL- Open source Database

  • Do you need to lower licensing costs?
  • Do you need to expand your licensing footprint but can’t afford the cost?
  • Do you want to eliminate vendor lock-in?
  • Do you want a hardware agnostic and language independent database?

Adoption of Postgres or migration to Postgres from Oracle can greatly reduce licensing costs. CDSI can help.

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Use CDSI’s services to help you move to Open Source architectures


Kubernetes – Containerized and Micro-Architecture applications

We can get you there.. Containerized applications have great advantages in speed of deployment, cost effectiveness and reduction of error potential while maintaining high levels of security, however it is a complex process. CDSI has the ability to provide expert services in this area to help you take advantage of the next generation of application development.

PostgreSQL Database

We can get you there.. Postgres is a mature Open source database with a well developed ecosystem and an extensive set of extensions. Migrating to Postgres from Oracle can be complex. CDSI can assist you in utilization of Postgres and migrating from databases such as Oracle.


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