A Proven Strategy

Let Cornerstone Data Systems help deliver your next project on time and within budget with our tried-and-true approach to business technology enablement.

Our Approach

At Cornerstone Data Systems based in Atlanta GA, our goal is to become your trusted technology and business partner, and enable your organization to fully realize the value of your technology investments.  We are a company with a boutique mindset when it comes to customer experience and we employ a personalized one-on-one approach to understanding your needs and guiding you through our entire process.

Whether you come to us for help with IT security, mobile app development, business intelligence, Oracle database consulting or any of our innovative services and solutions, you can count on us to understand your business area and plan an effective and seamless strategy to help you advance. We take the time to understand your business and technology needs, develop and deploy comprehensive solutions to help you achieve your objectives, and partner with you in the long-term to ensure your organization achieves maximum ROI.

Our services follow the following structure:

Discovery & Understanding

This is the phase where we get to know you and understand what drives your business. We take the time to understand your culture and how you use your technology in order to gain a better insight into how we can help. Through workshops, assessments and other collaborative means, we explore your business and technology needs to determine the most effective solution. We then start to think about how we can partner with you to get the results you need.

Solution Planning

Once we understand your business and see your customers through your eyes we begin formulating a solution that’s customized and fine-tuned to hone in on the areas you want to see growth. We recommend innovative solutions that enable you to achieve and exceed your strategic business objectives.

We don’t just “tick the boxes” of the goals you set; we go above and beyond to think of solutions that will really drive your business forward.


Successfully implementing your chosen solutions and your new technology requires effective planning and sensitivity to avoid disruption to your normal business operations. We collaborate with your organization to rapidly deploy the chosen solution, working around you to make sure you can keep on doing what you do while we work. You choose the schedule and we work to it.


While we are above all, a results-focused company who pride ourselves on our ability to deliver, we understand that effective business partnership is about more than just giving you the tools you asked for. We take a holistic approach to delivery, giving you access to a wide range of data and insight to help you utilize the solutions we provide. We like to give you options on how you want your new processes to look and can be responsive to changes in focus and scale right up to the delivery and implementation stages.

Knowledge Transfer

Enabling you to make the most of our expert solutions  and Oracle DBA services is one of our main priorities. We effectively train your people and provide knowledge transfer so that your organization can quickly benefit from the new solution. Our experts are always on hand to offer practical guidance on the setup and running of your new software, assets and database systems so you can rest assured that our solutions will be fully integrated into your business practice.

Ongoing Customer Experience

The implementation of our advanced solutions isn’t the end of your experience with us. We provide ongoing guidance to maximize the value of your investment, whether it’s system troubleshooting or strategic guidance on how to turn your new products into real financial growth.

Our long-term strategy means we are always available and can continue to align our solutions with your evolving business needs.


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