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The healthcare industry has extremely stringent requirements, and at Cornerstone, we recognize the unique aspects of working within the healthcare industry.



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IT services can be especially frustrating in the world of healthcare – with strict regulatory restrictions such as HIPAA and enormous amounts of data, records, and information that need to be stored and organized – not to mention the requirements for permanent uptime and quick access.

The healthcare industry has extremely stringent requirements, and at Cornerstone, we recognize the unique aspects of working within the healthcare industry.

We have experience designing and implementing databases and software packages for hospitals nationwide – we understand the need for total data availability and integrity, the restrictions and requirements to adhere to HIPAA standards, and how important it is that your records and patient information remain completely accessible and up-to-date.

We have a proven background in multiple packages and support services, such as McKesson, Oracle, EPIC, and IBM and Dell EMC packages, and are confident in our ability to support your healthcare organization with a package, built specifically for your needs – easily scalable, simplified, and streamlined for maximum efficiency and availability.

Ensure HIPAA Compliance

Privacy is of utmost importance when it comes to medical records, diagnosis information, and other information that’s covered by doctor-patient confidentiality and the HIPAA Privacy Rule. We understand the need to have records accessible not just by doctors and staff, but also by patients, who have the legal right to obtain copies of their records.

Cornerstone is experienced with the safeguards and regulatory requirements of HIPAA-complying infrastructure and architecture, and our expert staff have a deep understanding of creating and maintaining HIPAA-compliant databases.

Avoid Costly PII Breaches

Until now, most PII (Personally Identifiable Information) breaches have occurred in retail environments – high profile breaches at brick-and-mortar retailers like Home Depot and Target come to mind – but hospitals may become increasingly at risk of cyberattacks and breaches of security in the future – especially given how much personal information is available within even the most well-secured databases.

As healthcare technology grows and the size of databases and electronic record-keeping software swells, hospitals must take all necessary precautions both to protect their staff and patients – and protect themselves from costly liability and fines if PII is improperly secured.

Our staff are data security experts, and will work with your IT staff to analyze your level of security, and provide recommendations and implementation of further security and identity-management systems, if necessary.

Augment Your Staff With Advanced DBA Offerings

If your hospital or institution already has an extensive, comprehensive database, you may not have a need for a new package – but you will have a need for maintenance, upkeep, and continued diagnostics and optimization.

Our expert DBA technicians are well-versed in most common Oracle database packages and medical administration programs, and can offer either in-person maintenance, or VPN-based database maintenance.

Whether you don’t have the resources to expand your IT department, or simply wish to hand over maintenance to an experienced DBA consultancy, our staff are experts, and will work to implement upgrades, eliminate redundancies, back up and store data, scale as necessary, and support your staff and clinicians so that you don’t have to worry about whether or not your database is intact, HIPAA compliant, backed up, or anything else – you can focus on important tasks, and not day-to-day database administration.

See What We Can Do For You

Every hospital is different, and Cornerstone understands that. No matter the needs of your hospital, we provide one-on-one discovery sessions that will help identify your specific needs, problem areas, and the requirements of your unique situation. This is what we do, and once your consultation is over, we’ll provide you with next steps and information on our recommendations and services.

So don’t wait. Schedule a session with Cornerstone today, and secure your data so that you can focus on the healing and care of those you’re serving.

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