Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

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No matter your specific mobile application development needs, Cornerstone’s boutique consulting methods will ensure you get a great value for your money.

What our clients say about Cornerstone’s Mobile App Development

When it came time to replace our thick-client application with a mobile friendly version, we turned to Cornerstone’s mobile application development team. The result has been beyond our expectations. The field staff had no issues parting with their clunky laptops. The mobile platform’s use of the onboard camera and GPS has saved our team time.- David S. (Transportation Industry)

Mobile Application Development

Mobile support is not optional in today’s digital landscape. Smartphones and other mobile devices recently overtook traditional computers as the top driver of web traffic – and this trend isn’t showing signs of slowing down.

So whether you’re developing a customer-focused application or service, or looking to better integrate your current enterprise services to the mobile space, you’ll need the expertise of seasoned, expert mobile developers.

At Cornerstone, we have a deep and comprehensive knowledge of mobile development, making us the perfect partner for any company looking for help developing mobile-connected applications. 


Not all mobile device are built the same – that’s why at Cornerstone, we have a deep understanding of the landscape of all major mobile operating systems, including iOS and Android, as well as Blackberry and Windows Phone.

And no matter your specific development needs, Cornerstone’s boutique consulting methods will ensure you get a great value for your money.

We are dedicated to providing personable, relationship based customer service, basing our professional services on what our customers need, rather than just seeking to increase our bottom line.

Mobile Development Partner of Choice

Our mobile development expertise makes us a fantastic choice to help you when developing a new mobile app. We provide:

  • High Quality, Cost Effective Mobile Development On Every Platform – At Cornerstone, our team of IT professionals and developers have a deep and comprehensive understanding of development environments for every mobile device popular today, including Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. Our deep knowledge allows us to be a cost-effective business partner when it comes to mobile development.
  • On Time and On Budget Development – Since we have such an extensive knowledge of the mobile development sector and its unique pitfalls, our consulting expertise can aid you in creating (and sticking to) a realistic timeframe and budget.
  • Lower Time To Market – Low time-to-market is the holy grail of any application – whether consumer or enterprise based. The faster you can develop, test, and deploy a software suite, the better. Cornerstone helps by providing expert advice, development expertise, and even outsourced developers if time is a crucial factor.

Developing Next Generation of Mobile Products

Mobile development isn’t just limited to creating new applications and systems – even older mobile applications often need extensive updates, migration, and development to bring them in line with the standards of the next generation of mobile products. Cornerstone can help with:

  • Mobile Strategy – Our experts can help develop a comprehensive and holistic mobile strategy for your company.
  • Product Lifecycle Extension and Re-engineering – If you’ve got an important, yet outdated mobile application that needs to be re-engineered for an extended product lifecycle, our experts can help.
  • Mobile Platform Migration – When switching to a new mobile platform, our expert engineers and data architects can ensure a smooth transition.
  • Maintenance, Enhancement, and Support – We won’t just disappear after the job is done. If you need help upgrading and enhancing, maintaining, or supporting your mobile application, Cornerstone is here to help in whatever way we can.

Enterprise Class Mobile Applications

Having enterprise-class mobile applications available on mobile devices can be a real gamechanger – the flexibility, speed, and competitive advantage it provides is huge. If you’re interested in implementing these applications in your company, Cornerstone can:

  • Make Enterprise Applications Available On Mobile – If you don’t know where to begin when trying to implement a mobile solution for your ERP, Cornerstone can help. Our consultants can give you a great idea of the costs, timeframe, and required resources to complete such a project.
  • Unlock The Potential of Existing Infrastructure and Applications – Mobile applications for enterprise-class applications don’t just build on top of current infrastructure – they enhance their potential by allowing for easy, 24/7 access from anywhere with a mobile connection.
  • Increase Operational Efficiency, Productivity, and Collaboration – Operational efficiency is boosted when mobile devices can access appropriate resources and applications, and enterprise collaboration and productivity will also increase, as access to appropriate programs is as simple as picking up the phone.

Connected Experience with Internet of Things and Machine to Machine

Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) devices are allowing for more connectivity than ever, and according to recent research by ABI, more than 30 billion total devices will be connected to the internet by 2020 across dozens of different product niches. So how is your business supposed to integrate these technologies? Cornerstone can help:

  • Develop Hardware Enabled Applications – Cornerstone has experience creating new, hardware-enabled applications that connect to enterprise systems through the internet, such as chemical asset meters for nitrogen and hydrogen, medical monitoring equipment, inventory tracking systems, and home automation systems, among others.
  • Ensure Protocol Compliance, Security, and Privacy – As the Internet of Things grows, so do concerns about vulnerabilities in hardware connected to the internet. Our security experts are specialists at securing valuable and important hardware, and can ensure your IoT devices are as safe as possible.
  • Making Applications Available Across All Platforms – Cornerstone can build IoT and M2M apps accessible not just on desktops, but on mobile platforms, creating a holistic connectivity solution.

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