Epic Cache databases are at the heart of all Epic EHR systems. Today, the vast majority of patient data is held on EHR systems, and Epic is one of the leading providers of databases and EHR software – so having a dedicated Epic Cache administrator is critical for maximum database efficiency.

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However, it can be difficult for smaller healthcare providers and medical practices to hire Epic database administrators – and failing to do so can lead to decreased performance, data duplication, and security vulnerabilities.

But there’s a solution! Cornerstone offers comprehensive Epic Cache Database Administration (DBA) services – and with our team of expert administrators, your company can enjoy a wide variety of benefits! Take a look below – and start using DBA services from Cornerstone today!

Better Data Security

Without dedicated database administrators, it’s difficult to stay on top of HIPAA compliance, revoking user privileges for staff who leave your practice, and ensuring that your valuable patient data is free from serious vulnerabilities.

However, dedicated database administrators can be proactive and keep an eye on these issues, providing you with a higher level of data security, and decreased liability in case of a security breach.

Valuable, Data-Driven Analytics

Built by InterSystems, the Epic Cache Database has a huge suite of powerful analytics software that can offer valuable business insights to your company.

By employing a dedicated database administrator, you can understand your data more effectively, and use powerful data warehousing and BI solutions to gain powerful information. Using this information, you can create detailed reports that can help you increase levels of patient care, and run a more efficient and effective company.

Higher Uptime, More Efficient Databases

Slow, unresponsive EHR databases are an unfortunate consequence of our modern emphasis on software-based record keeping solutions.

Without regular database maintenance to remove outdated records, increase efficiency, and upgrade critical IT systems, even the best Epic Cache Database may suffer from poor performance, and spotty uptime.

Regular maintenance and administration by professional DBAs can help reduce this problem. By constantly analyzing the performance of your database and optimizing it for speed and reliability, database administration services help provide a more reliable, responsive EHR record-keeping system.

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At Cornerstone, we have a large team of database administrators who specialize in administering large, complex EHR databases such as Epic Cache Databases.

With administration available both on-site and remotely, we can help you improve the efficiency and reliability of your EHR systems – and reduce your risk of violating guidelines such as the HIPAA Security Rule.

So don’t wait. Contact us now for more details about our consulting services, view our full list of Epic Cache services, and see how we can revolutionize the way you use your Epic Cache Database!

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