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At Cornerstone, we offer a comprehensive suite of Security Services that include database security, firewalls, intrusion detection, vulnerability assessments and more.

Cornerstone Data Systems, Inc. – Protect Your Data – Differently.

In the modern business world, your data is your life. So it’s no surprise that data security is foremost on the minds of many professionals and executives – if you lose your data to a security breach, you can lose not only your data, but your reputation – and potentially be slapped with regulatory fines, or even lawsuits.

And it’s not just a matter of protecting your data from a hack or breach – the best security services also help with day-to-day management of identities, federation, privileged user access control, and database activity monitoring.


With past clients such as General Electric, Ernst & Young, Expressjet, and the PGA, Cornerstone has experience working both with large firms and smaller companies, and we have experience securing different types of databases, including protection of regulated information such as Social Security information, credit card numbers, and other Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

A certified Oracle Partner, Cornerstone Data Systems can deploy the most cost-effective solutions for comprehensive data protection, based on your specific needs as a company – no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Our consultancy prides itself on both the quality of our services and the quality of our products, and we will take great care to ensure that you get exactly the level of protection that you need – both to secure your data, and to protect yourself from costly liability and regulatory issues.


Our consultancy has been built from the ground-up to provide a better IT consulting solution than mega firms which simply wish to maximize their billable hours, and use their clients as cash cows. We do things differently at Cornerstone.

Through our comprehensive five-step process, we understand your needs, find a solution, implement, transfer knowledge so that you may continue operations, and finally deliver ongoing customer support and consulting as you require it, with a focus on maximizing your investment, and aligning our current solutions with your future business needs.

Cornerstone focuses on relationships with our clients – there’s a reason we’ve got such a high customer retention rate. We focus on continuing our relationships with our customers beyond the point where larger firms would cut them loose due to high costs, because we believe IT consulting isn’t just about tech and money – it’s about people.

And unlike some of the bigger firms which suggest a solution and then go hands-off, our one-on-one consultants aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty by helping with implementation, troubleshooting, and maintenance – we believe that if we’re suggesting a product, we’d better be able to use it ourselves, and be able to help our clients if they need more than just helpful advice.


As a certified Oracle Partner, Cornerstone features expertise in every aspect of Oracle Security Solutions – from encrypted key vaults to database monitoring, analysis, and auditing, to firewalls and advanced Oracle Label Security which meets public-sector requirements for both mandatory access control and multilevel security.

You can rest easy knowing that, if you partner with us, our Oracle expertise and our range of knowledge across numerous private and public sector companies will find the perfect solution for you – whether you need data encryption to protect your most sensitive information, or just a better way to mask and analyze your data, and provide basic user access tools to help keep your databases separated by access level.

And given our boutique business model, we will continue to provide consulting, technical expertise, and advice after your project is completed – we’re dedicated to providing great customer support and maximizing your investment.

Comprehensive solutions are provided by Cornerstone in partnership with:


AttackIQ is a central, scalable platform that delivers value to each member of the security team, from the analyst at the front lines to the CISO and C-suite. Providing the industry’s first repeatable attack simulation framework, AttackIQ has partnered with MITRE to help organizations test their security controls against adversary techniques, tactics, and procedures (TTPs).

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