Oracle Exadata comes as a fully integrated system “out of the box,” removing the need to separately purchase and integrate servers, networking equipment, storage arrays, and other various components. Contact us today!


Oracle Exadata Database Machines: An Integrated Oracle Database Solution

Engineered for You and Your Business

For many companies, IT resources are limited by two key factors: budget limitations, and a limited number of available IT personnel. A mindset that conceptualizes IT as a cost center leads organizations to focus on cutting costs, but this can leave them with slow software, issues with data availability, and other consequences of neglecting their own IT needs.

One of the solutions, Oracle Exadata is the world’s fastest machine dedicated to running Oracle databases, and with extensive testing and a robust body of evidence supporting its benefits, it’s helped numerous telecommunications companies, retailers, banks, and other corporations maximize their IT resources while minimizing costs and reducing overhead.

The Oracle Exadata is the first machine specifically optimized for data warehousing, processing online transactions, and consolidating workloads. The first Oracle Exadata machine was unveiled back in 2008, and broke new ground by being the first complete and fully integrated database system. Since then, Oracle has gradually updated and upgraded the system, working closely with customers to address the particular challenges that companies face when trying to get consistent results from their IT systems while keeping the costs manageable.

Handling Growing Quantities of Data

As new types of data have become indispensable resources for companies, there’s an accompanying need for faster and more predictable data warehouses and data management strategies. However, many organizations have found themselves gradually accumulating dissociated, heterogenous systems that have been incrementally cobbled together over years of growth. This heterogenous systems get increasingly difficult to maintain, requiring support from numerous vendors.

Oracle Exadata comes as a fully integrated system “out of the box,” removing the need to separately purchase and integrate servers, networking equipment, storage arrays, and other various components. Instead of developing solutions in-house through testing, trial, and error, Oracle Exadata is a preconfigured and preintegrated system that’s already fine-tuned for optimal data availability and performance.

Cloud-Based Architectures for Agility & Efficiency

Cloud based systems can offer superior scalability, agility, and efficiency, allowing companies to gear their IT budgets toward investments instead of capital expenses. Many companies are leveraging hybrid cloud models, combining on-premise private cloud infrastructure with public cloud solutions. Managing both of these systems can become increasingly complex.

The Oracle Database Cloud Exadata Service combines the world’s leading database with Exadata, the most powerful database platform on the market today. Oracle Exadata comes as a monthly IaaS service, taking the place of large one-time expenses. The Exadata system can be located either on-premise or through a third-party hosting provider, but is ultimately owned by Oracle. It features an elastic capacity that offers capacity on demand as you need it, with the flexibility to pay for additional capacity only during months where it’s actually needed.

This on-demand, pay-as-you-go model allows companies to scale their cloud technologies quickly and easily. Oracle Exadata is a useful platform for consolidating data onto private, on-premise clouds, due to its fast processing and inbuilt scalability.

With elastic Oracle Exadata configurations organized into a pay-as-you-go service model, companies can minimize their capital expense associated with database infrastructure. Instead, the cost becomes a recurring, long-term operational expense.

Overhead associated with the need for personnel can also be significantly reduced by implementing Oracle Exadata Database Machines. Oracle experts manage the back-end infrastructure on behalf of their customers, eliminating the need for extensive in-house IT administration.

Superior Performance

Implementing Oracle Exadata can greatly improve performance for database applications, thanks in part to Oracle’s decades of database experience and expertise. While traditional architectures have a tendency to limit and bottleneck flash performance, Oracle Exadata is engineered to deliver impressively high performance rates from flash. The Exadata Smart Scan feature accelerates queries by seeking data in locations where it’s most likely to be found, cutting out unnecessary work and speeding up the process. The unique storage servers move processing directly into hardware storage, speeding up data retrieval further. By improving the speed at which queries can be executed, Oracle Exadata Database Machines can accelerate the speed at which businesses can make fully informed strategic decisions.

Managing Workloads

As big data becomes more and more central to organizations across a wide range of different verticals, the ability to process that data for analytics driven decision making has become increasingly important. Organizations are constantly evolving new capabilities as they gain access to larger and larger amounts of data.

Oracle Exadata can provide a simple yet robust solution that’s cost-effective, easily scalable, and optimized for peak performance. For companies dealing with vast amounts of data, it’s one of the most economical options to ensure the speed and performance necessary for these operations. Powered by the latest Intel Xeon processors, it enables analysts to conduct deeper analysis and uncover further possibilities for strategic decision-making.

Responsive Online Transaction Processing

Oracle Database platforms have a long history of use for managing critical business processes for large enterprises, including financial analysis, supply chain planning, and other tasks. Oracle Exadata can improve the speed and efficiency of these processes, leveraging a balanced configuration for exceptional performance and continuous data availability.

Empowering Your Internal IT Teams

With the power of Oracle Exadata Database Machines, internal IT specialists can deliver high performance applications with less manual effort. Thanks to Smart Cache memory technologies, database administrators don’t need to move data manually to faster storage tiers in order to improve performance — that occurs automatically. Because the system is well engineered, and has been subject to testing and iteration to perfect it for the market, IT teams can enjoy peace of mind knowing that Oracle Exadata is stable, consistent, and fully supported.

Staying at the Forefront of Innovation

Oracle Exadata Database Machines are a powerful solution for managing vast enterprise databases, reducing capital expense and overhead costs while delivering powerful performance and incredible speed.

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