Virtualization is a powerful IT tool that gives businesses the ability to run multiple instances of their servers (operating system and applications) side-by-side on a single physical box. The virtualization application — such as VMWare or Xen — allows each “virtual” server to share physical resources such as: processor(s), RAM, storage and network interface (NIC). Through this process, businesses are able to greatly reduce their hardware and space requirements, optimize their system utilization and achieve true high availability (HA) for their company’s IT infrastructure.

Cornerstone’s Virtualized Server Hosting offers a robust infrastructure to support virtualized servers as an alternative to a traditional physical server hardware platform lease. As a CDSI Hosted Virtual Server customer, you gain portability and availability benefits for your servers through the utilization of VMWare™ virtualization and Xen. Benefits include hardware independence, realtime server snapshotting, improved implementation time, and high availability clustering.

Our Virtualization Services include:

  • Cost-Effective High Availability
  • Zero-Downtime Maintenance
  • Instant Provisioning of New Servers
  • Lower Hardware Cost
  • Smaller Data Center Footprint


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