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The Oracle Database Appliance X8 family of servers has been designed to provide all-in-one Oracle database integrations for companies of every size.

Available in multiple configurations, each X8 device features fully-integrated processing, computing, data storage, and transfer technologies – allowing them to be used as an “out-of-the-box” database solution. Here is a more detailed look at the different Oracle Database Appliances available from Cornerstone.


Oracle X8-2S

This is the lowest-cost entry-level database appliance currently available from Oracle. But though it’s a budget option, it’s still incredibly powerful, boasting the same complement of hardware used in larger, more powerful versions of the X8.

This system is designed to work with single-instance databases, and features automated storage configuration, simplified storage provisioning, and a number of other features that make it incredibly easy to use.

The system is powered by 16 Intel Xeon processor cores, and includes 192GB of memory (expandable to 384GB), as well as 12.8TB of NVMe raw storage. NVMe technology allows for incredibly fast data write/read speeds, speeding up data retrieval for even the largest databases.


Oracle X8-2M

This Oracle database appliance is perfect for mid-market companies that cannot afford enterprise-level databases, but have outgrown their older database infrastructure. The Oracle X8-2M packs incredible performance into a single rack-mounted server.

This server is more than twice as powerful as the X8-2S. It features 36 Intel Xeon processor cores, and comes standard with 384GB onboard memory (expandable to 768GB). Storage is 12.8T of NVMe flash storage, which can also be expanded to a total capacity of 76.8TB, depending on the size of your databases.

The whole system can be deployed in as little as 60-90 minutes, and is optimized to run Oracle databases with unparalleled efficiency. Other features include on-demand licensing, and automated quarterly patching that ensures your system is free of common bugs and vulnerabilities. 

The Oracle X8-2-HA 

This advanced database appliance is intended for use in demanding, high-availability applications where system failure is not an option. Built with a highly-redundant design, this unit can continue to function even if a single system component fails.

It’s also incredibly fast – featuring an astonishing 64 Intel Xeon processor cores for rapid computing speed. Base memory is 768GB (expandable to 1.5TB), and 5 SSDs are used to provide 16TB of data storage capacity.

The SSD storage can be expanded to 64TB with the addition of 15 more SSDs, and this unit can even utilize 15 high-capacity 10TB HDDs for long-term data storage – bringing total potential storage capacity to 214TB.

This makes the Oracle X8-2-HA ideal for large databases and database consolidation – you can use a single database appliance for all of your mission-critical Oracle databases.


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