Oracle licensing can be hard – but it doesn’t have to be with Cornerstone licensing services.

We offer a wide range of licensing and setup services for Oracle database products which allow your business to scale easily, and provide powerful, robust database management capabilities at discounted pricing.

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The Right Licensing

Discounted Rates

Properly installed

Overwhelmed with Oracle License requirements and cost?

Are you on current software versions and up to date on patching?

Are you sure your current licensing is correct?

Are you aware of the various database tool sets and capabilities that can improve your database performance and security?

Have you taken advantages of strategies to reduce overall license cost?

Cornerstone’s Licensing services will help you determine the optimal quantities, versions, tool sets and features needed to meet your business needs at a discounted price.

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Use CDSI’s Oracle Licensing Services and have up to date licensing at discounted cost.

Cornerstone is a certified Oracle partner, and we offer a wide range of Oracle database license solutions across multiple environments. Our expertise in the installation, maintenance, and upkeep of Oracle databases makes us the perfect consulting firm for your Oracle license needs.

We can offer strategies to reduce overall licensing cost at discounted prices while ensuring that you remain compliant with Oracle licensing requirements. We offer a wide range of licensing and setup capabilities for Oracle database products which allow your business to scale easily, and provide powerful, robust database management capabilities.

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Why Companies Choose Us

  • We have provided over 100 clients a personalized experience for 24 years
  • Our boutique service model allows you to choose what you need for your business — no expensive bundles, just cost-effective solutions.
  • Thought & strategic leadership is included for all our clients
  • Flexibility of service ensures the optimal performance and efficient operation and development of your cloud solution
  • We assist organizations in optimizing their Oracle license expenditure while ensuring they remain compliant
  • We provide 24/7 support and managed services
  • We provide can one-on-one support & training for your staff to help your teams to learn how to manage Cloud responsibilities efficiently together We can provide you with expert-level resources on multiple cloud solutions, including Oracle, Microsoft and AWS.
Oracle Licensing - Cornerstone Data Systems, Inc.

3 Steps to an Optimal Oracle license plan

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Oracle Database Pricing

Below you will find information on software packages and licenses offered by Cornerstone Data Systems, INC via Oracle Partner Network. We can help you determine your software licensing needs, manage your licenses and support with Oracle at discounted prices. Oracle products offer licensing either by named users or processors. Prices subject to Change.

Cornerstone – Cloud and Database Experts

Organizations often run into challenges with Oracle licensing. Whether it is identifying what is needed to be compliant with licensing rules or determining how to optimize your license spend Cornerstone can help. With strategies to reduce the license footprint and services to ensure licensing is correct we can provide you peace of mind at a discounted cost.

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