Oracle Private CloudOracle Private Cloud Appliance is a turnkey private cloud solution that integrates compute, network, and storage resources in a software-defined fabric to enable lightning fast data center deployments. With the Private Cloud Appliance, you get private cloud infrastructure that can be scaled one server at a time, from 2 to 25 compute nodes per rack. The Private Cloud Appliance also deploys applications rapidly, not just fast infrastructure deployment, by leveraging Oracle VM Templates that are user-created or available for download from Oracle.

Cornerstone is a consulting firm based in Atlanta Georgia specializing in enterprise Oracle deployments and remote hands services.

Key Features

  • “Turnkey” converged infrastructure solution automates hardware and software deployments
  • Easy Cloud deployment ranging from IaaS to DBaaS
  • Support for Oracle VM Templates enables deployment of ready-to-run VMs
  • Oracle SDN software reduces operational complexity by enabling software-defined infrastructure in a “wire-once” system

Key Benefits

  • Faster Time-to-Market
  • Licensing based on what you use, not on the system’s total capacity
  • Lowered acquisition, deployment and operational costs
  • Saving hundreds of hours of installation and configuration time