Database Health Check

Cornerstone offers a comprehensive non-intrusive database health check service that alerts you to any underlying issues with your databases. Cornerstone does not even need access to your servers to perform this check as long as we can send you the script to be run by your database administrator and they can send us back the compressed file containing the data we collect. Of course if you would prefer Cornerstone to run it, we would need remote access (VPN preferably, or we can initiate it using a WebEx session).

The data we collect is openly available to you also, presented through a series of HTML pages with text and CSV formats available. Cornerstone will then analyze this data and generate a comprehensive report on the health of your database with recommendations for resolving any issues discovered.

Areas reviewed for our clients:

  • Database Configuration
  • Security
  • Memory
  • Resources and Database Resource Manager
  • Database Administration
  • Storage
  • SQL Plan Stability
  • Cost Based Optimizer Statistics
  • Operating System Statistics
  • Active Session History
  • Database Performance
  • AWR, ASH and ADDM reports

Cornerstone is a leading provider of database services serving the Atlanta Georgia area.

Comprehensive IT Solutions
Cornerstone Data Systems delivers comprehensive IT services for the enterprise. Based out of Atlanta, Cornerstone offers complete coverage of the Oracle suite including Oracle Database Administration, Remote DBA Services, Disaster Recovery Analysis, Oracle Maximum Availability, Database Upgrades and Migrations, Oracle Exadata and expertise with the Oracle Database Appliance.