The cloud has become a valuable tool in the way of saving our works, and Cornerstone Data Systems can make this easier for you. We introduce the Oracle Database 12c. Called the world’s first database designed specifically for the cloud, Oracle’s Database 12c addresses the key challenges of consolidating databases in a private cloud model by enabling greatly improved efficiency and lower management costs while retaining the autonomy of separate databases.

A new feature of Oracle Database 12c is the Oracle Multitenant. It allows every database plugged into the system look and feel like standard Oracle Database to applications. Oracle Multitenant makes all ISV applications that run on the Oracle Database ready for SaaS by supporting multi-tenancy in the database, rather than the application, tier.

Oracle Database 12c introduces Automatic Data Optimization features. This feature helps customers efficiently manage more data, lower storage costs and improve database performance. , Database Administrators can easily define server managed policies to automatically compress and tier OLTP, Data Warehouse and Archive data by using smart compression and storage tiering based on the activity and age of the data.

Oracle Database 12c also includes new Run-Time Privilege Analysis. This enables organizations to identify privileges and roles actually being used. It helps revoke unnecessary privileges and enforce least privilege with confidence that business operations will not be disrupted. Oracle Database 12c also includes more security innovations than any other previous Oracle database release – in the process; this helps customers address evolving threats and tough data privacy regulations.

Oracle Database 12c introduces several high availability features, as well as enhancements to existing technologies that enable continuous access to enterprise data. Application Continuity complements Oracle Real Application Clusters and covers for application failures from end-users by automatically replaying failed transactions.

The comprehensive testing features of Oracle Real Application Testing can help customers validate upgrades and consolidation strategies by simultaneously testing and scaling real production workloads. Seamless integration with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control helps administrators to easily implement and manage new Oracle Database 12c operations(and that includes the multitenant architecture and data redaction).

Andrew Mendelsohn, senior vice president of Database Server Technologies at Oracle says, “The innovations in Oracle Database 12c were developed with our customers’ cloud requirements very much in mind.” Do you want the first database designed for the cloud? Then get the Oracle Database 12c. We, at Cornerstone Data Systems have it available for you.