Oracle now has new capabilities that support managing the full lifecycle of pluggable database as a service in Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 3 ( This product builds on the existing capabilities to provide advanced automation for deploying database as a service using the Oracle Database 12c Multitenant option. Things are taken one step further as a pluggable database is offered as a service through Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c self-service portal providing customers with fast provisioning of database cloud services with minimal time and effort.

The self-service operations of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c allow customers to integrate with third-party automation systems or their custom enterprise portals.  The existing portfolio of cloud services is a powerful addition that includes infrastructure as a service, database as a service, testing as a service, and Java platform as a service. The enterprise manager solution provides a self-service mechanism to provision pluggable databases allowing users to request and access database(s) on-demand.

The Oracle Enterprise Manager offers a resource guarantee via database resource manager (and IORM on Oracle Exadata) that offers deployment of different workloads in a shared environment.  The enterprise manager offers a single service catalog for all approved pluggable databases as a service configuration.  This helps customers achieve standardization while catering to all applications and users in the enterprise.

The Oracle Enterprise Manager offers a self-service provisioning.  The pluggable database performs a service in order to migrate a pre-Oracle Database 12c database to a pluggable database as a service model and test the consolidation strategy.  It allows for rapid access to a pluggable database, and is a service for hosting or certifying applications.

The features of this system include quota, role based access, and policy based management that enforces governance and reduces administrative overhead.  It also has features such as chargeback which improves metering and accountability for services consumed by each pluggable database.

The management system offers little in the way of administration and maintenance through self-managing automation that allows for intelligent placement of pluggable databases.  Comprehensive REST APIs support integration with ticketing or change management systems, along with other self-service portals.

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