Cornerstone’s Vulnerability Assessment helps provide the foundation for effective network security for your business.  We help you minimize your risk by identifying the security holes, or vulnerabilities, in your network so you can protect them before an attack occurs.

Our vulnerability assessment application can identify more than 1,300 types of networked devices on your network, including desktops, servers, routers/switches, firewalls, security devices and application routers. Once all of your networked devices are identified, it analyzes the configurations, patch levels, operating systems and installed applications to find vulnerabilities that could be exploited by hackers trying to gain unauthorized access.

The benefits you achieve through Cornerstone’s Vulnerability Assessment include:

Minimized business risk

We find the weak spots in your network to help you secure your critical assets and prevent compromises that may result in the loss of availability, integrity or confidentiality of critical business information.

Preemptive protection from attacks

By assessing the security of your networked systems and prioritizing remediation tasks, we enable you to address high-risk vulnerabilities before they can be exploited in an attack.


Whether used as a standalone solution for smaller organizations or combined with Site Protector for enterprise-sized installations, Cornerstone Vulnerability Assessment enables you to automate scans and prioritize discovered vulnerabilities to deliver the most effective response for your organization.