Expert advice and assistance in Architecting Cloud solutions and Migrating to the Cloud.

Whether just beginning or expanding your cloud presence, Cornerstone can ensure a smooth cloud journey. Additionally, with our expert cloud support services we can ensure that your cloud presence remains worry free.

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Reduce On-prem Reliance

Increase System Agility

Reduce Your TCO

Business demand for technology solutions outpacing slow to change On-Prem solutions?

Are your on-prem solutions running on legacy or old hardware?

Are your systems and databases patched to current levels?

Do you experience scaling issues at different times of the year?

Is it difficult to get capital investment to keep up with system requirements?

How much time is IT spending just keeping the lights on relative to your systems and databases?

A sound database structure is a cornerstone to developing applications and strategies to take your business to the next level. Your databases need innovative and cost effective management with a high degree of focus on supporting new business requirements to stay ahead of the competition. Our unusually high customer retention rates reflect our dedication to one-on-one support and building robust systems that save you money while expanding your business capabilities.

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Use CDSI’s Cloud Services and become more agile, cost effective, and reduce work to “keep the lights on”

Cloud Migration

Your data is your most important, most valuable asset, and Cornerstone specializes in aiding IT teams in the process of migrating on-premises solutions to the cloud, helping guide and advise your team as they choose an appropriate solution and begin implementation.

From full migration services to providing assistance to your team, our hands-on advising methods ensure the success of your migration.

Cloud Engineering

With so many choices for cloud direction it is a confusing journey for most organizations. Cornerstone can assist in developing an architecture that will provide the optimal solution for your organization. We consider scalability, security requirements, cost, ease of migration, and on-going supportability when developing a cloud plan.

Cloud support

Cornerstone provides Managed Cloud Services to ensure that your on-going cloud presence remains worry free. From monitoring and scaling to preventative work you can be assured that your cloud systems will be available and ready to perform when needed. While the cloud infrastructure is easier to maintain and scale, it does need some expert care – Cornerstone has cost effective solutions for Managed Cloud Services.

Why Companies Choose Us

  • We have provided over 100 clients a personalized experience for 24 years
  • Our boutique service model allows you to choose what you need for your business — no expensive bundles, just cost-effective solutions.
  • Thought & strategic leadership is included for all our clients
  • Flexibility of service ensures the optimal performance and efficient operation and development of your cloud solution
  • We provide 24/7 support working on-site or remote
  • We provide one-on-one support & training for your staff to help your teams to learn how to manage Cloud responsibilities efficiently together
  • We provide you with expert-level resources on multiple cloud solutions, including Oracle, Microsoft and AWS.

Cloud options can be overwhelming but not taking advantage of the cloud can limit your agility and keep you in a high cost “On-Prem” refresh cycle. Not to mention, the overhead of maintaining those systems in data centers. Let Cornerstone help lead your team into the new era of cloud computing.


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The business demand for technology solutions outpaced what our IT services department could deliver, so we turned to cloud to gain new capabilities. Cornerstone stepped in and helped create the vision for what our new cloud would look like and help build out new services in Oracle’s cloud. It wasn’t long before we began lift-and-shift activities to move services from our datacenter to the cloud. We’ve never looked back.

– Shane S. (an Atlanta GA financial services company)

Cornerstone – Cloud and Database Experts

Organizations often have difficulty in navigating the path from on-prem solutions to the Cloud due to the numerous options. As a result, often direction is set based on limited information and the implementation is not effective, or even worse it leaves the organization open to security risks.  Cornerstone’s extensive cloud experience can ensure your organization chooses the best solution and migrates efficiently to a secure cloud environment that will support your organizational needs.

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Unlock the Power of Cloud Managed Services: Your Essential Guide from Cornerstone Database Services

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