Is your company ready to experience the power and flexibility of Oracle Cloud, migrate data from a legacy database to an Oracle PaaS Cloud Database, or simply streamline and automate your existing Oracle Cloud environment, Cornerstone’s Oracle Cloud Consulting team is here to help!

Cornerstone Data Systems, Inc. is a Certified Platinum Oracle Partner in Atlanta Georgia. We’ve included a PDF-version of this page for your convenience.


CDSI – A Different Kind Of Consulting Company

We do things differently. Our boutique consulting model is focused on serving you, and delivering the best possible service for your needs. Unlike some other competing companies, we don’t offer you unnecessary services or consulting just to maximize our bottom line. We’re dedicated to your success – because when you succeed, we succeed.

Our Expertise – IaaS And PaaS Consulting

We specialize in Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) consulting services.

Oracle PaaS allows companies to use cutting-edge Oracle Cloud technology to host and run platforms of all types – from large-scale enterprise databases, to web applications and even customer-facing apps. Scalable, flexible, and affordable, PaaS is an ideal choice for any quickly-growing company that requires expansion of their IT capabilities.

The Oracle IaaS platform takes things even further. By allowing companies to outsource key components of their IT infrastructure, Oracle IaaS allows for maximum efficiency and uptime – with more agility than on-site IT infrastructure. From databases to enterprise applications and more, you can do it all on the Oracle cloud.

Both PaaS and IaaS services from Oracle allow companies to benefit from modern, cutting-edge computing solutions – without having to invest in their own costly IT infrastructure. By doing so, Oracle has created a level playing field, even for smaller companies.

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Whether you’re having trouble migrating to the Oracle Cloud, or you’re just curious about the benefits you can enjoy by switching, contact Cornerstone right away. We’d be happy to discuss your needs – and how we can help you modernize and streamline your business.

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