Self Driving – Self Securing – Self Repairing

The Autonomous Database eliminates complexity, human error, and manual management, helping to ensure higher reliability security and greater operational efficiency at a lower cost.


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Autonomous Data Warehouse –

  • Data Marts and warehouses with analytics
  • Sandboxes for data scientists
  • Data lakes for structured and
    unstructured data

Autonomous Transaction Processor –

  • Mission-critical database deployments
  • Database consolidation
  • Real-time transaction analysis

Autonomous DB Fast Start Program

3 – 5 days to the cloud

A guided Path to the Autonomous Database Cloud

  • Identify target system – Test / Dev / Non-critical prod / Native Cloud – existing or new
  • Determine Scope / size
    • Usage – cloud credit needs
    • Configure cloud resources
  • Analyze on-premise or legacy database schemas prior to migration
  • Prepare scripting and all other necessary components to load data – Load data
  • Run / Monitor

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As a certified Oracle partner, we can assist you with every step in your autonomous cloud journey from use case to full production. Contact us today!

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