Both small businesses and global enterprises have users all over the world who require access to data 24 hours a day.Without this data access, operations can stop, and revenue is lost. If a critical application becomes unavailable, then the entire business can be in jeopardy. Revenue and customers can be lost, SLA penalties can be owed, and bad publicity can have a lasting effect on customers and a company’s stock price.

Choosing and implementing the architecture that best fits your availability requirements can be a daunting task. This architecture must encompass redundancy across all components, achieve fast client failover for all types of downtime, provide consistent high performance, and provide protection from user errors, corruptions, and site disasters, while being easy to deploy, manage, and scale.

Cornerstone helps your organization simplify this task.  We enable you to maximize the availability of your infrastructure by developing a solution that incorporates:


Reliable hardware and software, including the database, web servers, and application, is critical to implementing a highly available solution.


It is important to determine what types of failures may occur in your high availability environment and how to recover from those failure in the time that meets your business requirements.

Error Detection

If a component in your architecture fails, then fast detection is another essential component in recovering from a possible unexpected failure. Monitoring the health of your environment requires reliable software to view it quickly and the ability to notify the DBA of a problem.

Continuous operations

Continuous access to your data is essential when very little or no downtime is acceptable to perform maintenance activities.

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