CDSi’s Enterprise Mobile solutions provide competitive advantage, unlocking the power of enterprise applications.
No matter how large your organization or diverse your workforce, one thing is clear: the world of business is changing very fast. Customers are more demanding. Deadlines are tighter. Expectations are greater. And if you don’t find new ways to stay competitive, you will be left behind.

CDSi’s Enterprise Mobility & Consulting Services in Atlanta Georgia are focused at enabling you to enhance key areas of your business and make groups more efficient at doing their jobs, while leveraging your organization’s existing infrastructure and applications.

CDSi can help your road warriors to gain access to up-to-date information, connect with customers & colleagues, make timely & well informed decisions, increasing their productivity and boosting your business performance.

CDSi’s Enterprise Mobile Development Services include:

Mobility roadmap planning

Technological prowess is important in today’s highly competitive marketplace. However, if mobile technology advancements are not made within a framework of strategic planning, you are unlikely to realize the full business potential of the mobile technology. Mobile Pundits’ mobility consulting team can help define the mobile technology roadmap for your company/product that meets your business objectives.

R&D Services / Proof Of Concept (POC) Development

Our expert & experienced mobile development team can help you with carrying out a detailed feasibility analysis of mobile software initiative, technology assessment and Proof of Concept (POC) implementation.

Architecture & Design

CDSi’s expert mobile developers will help you with architecture and mobile solution design using appropriate mobile technologies and mobile platforms.

Mobile Application Development CDSi’s mobile development team can help you with custom mobile software development (iPhone Development, iPad Development, Android Development, BlackBerry Development and Windows Phone Development) that you need with your business in mind. After all, shouldn’t the best software solution for your business be the one that’s based on your business?

Mobile Application Porting

CDSi’s mobile developer can help you offer your mobile application on various devices of same platform or port the mobile apps across different platforms like iPhone App, iPad App, Android App, BlackBerry App or Windows Phone Applications.

Branding & Localization

Our mobile developers can help you in branding/white labeling your mobile apps (iPhone Apps, iPad Apps, Android Apps, BlackBerry Apps or Windows Phone Apps) for different customers/operators with localization for different geographies.