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Epic Systems Corporation is one of the single largest providers of EHR (Enterprise Healthcare Record) databases in America. It’s estimated that around 54% of all American healthcare records are held on some version of Epic EHR software – so Epic is certainly one of the largest names in the American EHR software space. Epic EHR software is popular for several reasons.

First, it offers powerful performance, with a highly-optimized software architecture that makes retrieving patient records simple and easy, and provides simple database administration options. Second, it’s highly scalable – expanding an Epic installation is hassle-free, allowing small practices and large hospital systems alike to use it, regardless of future expansion plans.

Finally, Epic has a great track record for HIPAA compliance, and Epic systems have advanced security systems in place to help prevent breach and ensure that users of their software aren’t at risk of violating ePHI guidelines.

However, Epic systems don’t stand alone. In fact, the vast majority of Epic EHR software is built on a technology called Caché by InterSystems. Caché, first released in 1997, is absolutely essential to Epic software – and InterSystems and Epic have been working closely together since the 1970s.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the Epic Caché Database, and answer some of the commonly asked questions about this powerful, scalable medical database. We’ll also discuss how Cornerstone can help you administer your own Epic Caché Database implementation. Let’s get started!

What Is The Epic Caché Database?

The Epic Caché database is a specialized version of InterSystems’ proprietary Caché database, tailored for use with Epic software and systems. This hierarchical database has been designed for maximum speed, business agility, and reliability.

The Epic Caché database has been built to simplify the DBA process, and enable lightning-quick KB-SQL access to the database.

Not only that, embedded operational analytics help DBAs understand the performance of their database, and how to increase the speed and reliability of the Epic Caché Database.

Features Of The Epic Caché Database

Implemented properly, there are quite a few benefits to using Epic Caché databases, as compared to other third-party databases. Let’s take a look at some of the features of this robust database software now.

  • Database Mirroring – Caché database mirrors are simple to set up, and are relatively low in cost, with few investments in hardware, licensing, and storage. With a streamlined setup and maintenance process, it’s easy to set up database mirrors for perfect 1:1 data parity and disaster recovery.
  • Unified Multi-Model Architecture – Caché supports a diverse variety of datasets – all within the same database. From documents to tables, objects, and even multidimensional arrays, it’s easy to access mission-critical data using multi-model architecture.
  • Powerful Security Features – Certified by Common Criteria EAL 3, Epic Caché database includes security auditing features, complete encryption, and smart authentication/authorization tools to minimize security risks.
  • Cross-Platform Architecture – Easily accessible on OS X, Windows, all popular Linux installation, and OpenVMS, it’s easy to access and administer Epic Caché database.
  • Distributed Systems – Epic Caché supports distributed systems across multiple networked servers, increasing scalability and performance dramatically – and allowing for enhanced business agility.
  • Embedded Operational Analytics – With a powerful suite of operational analytics tools, DBAs and other IT professionals can quickly measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and glean real-time insights to enhance business productivity.

With these powerful tools, it’s no wonder that Epic has chosen to partner with InterSystems, and used their Caché relational databases for decades.

Take Advantage Of Epic Caché Database Support And Consulting Services From Cornerstone!

At Cornerstone, our boutique IT consultancy focuses on the administration and maintenance of Epic Caché Databases. With our deep expertise and unique focus on customer service, we can provide you with absolutely top-notch consulting services – and enhance the speed, security, and reliability of your mission-critical databases. We offer the following services:

  • Expert advising on Caché best practices
  • Environment assessments
  • OS, Caché, and Epic security model consulting
  • Device setup, testing, troubleshooting
  • 24×7 support
  • Pre and post-implementation support.
  • Installation, upgrading, and support of EpicCare EHR servers and Caché instances
  • Database performance analysis
  • Cluster services and support (IBM PowerHA, VMWare)
  • Data storage/replication implementation/support (Caché Shadowing or Mirroring)
  • Implementation of backup and recovery procedures
  • Security access administration

And more. Check out our website for more details on our Epic Caché service offerings! With a unique focus on customer retention, Cornerstone is a different kind of consultancy. We believe in providing you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed – not just padding our own bottom line.

So contact us today. See how we can help your company implement a more powerful, streamlined Epic Caché database – today!

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