Not sure if you trust Oracle Cloud Infrastructure security to protect your most important databases? Wondering what kind of security is in place to keep your data secured from those who may wish to steal, destroy or misuse it? In this blog post, CDSI will take a look at a few of the top ways that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure empowers you to protect your data in the cloud environment. Let’s get started now.

How To Safeguard Your Data

Total Customer Isolation For Your Application And Data Assets

Unlike some other cloud solutions, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides you with a totally isolated environment for all of your software and data assets. Customer isolation ensures that your data is completely separated from any other tenants – and Oracle’s staff. Not only does this help improve security, but it also allows for better overall performance, as other tenant’s workloads will not affect the speed of your databases and software.

Always-On Encryption

Oracle uses proprietary always-on encryption which allows you to protect customer data by making it unreadable to those who access it without the proper permissions and decryption key. Customer data is protected 24/7 – both data at-rest and when retrieved by HTTPs-only public APIs. Your data is always in good hands with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure security.

Easy-To-Use Security Policies 

Proper data security starts with the right security policies for your employees, developers, contractors and anyone else who accesses your data. The Principle of Least Privilege means that you should be providing your workers with the least user privileges required to accomplish their jobs.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure comes with an easy-to-use security policy which lets you quickly and easily control access to your services, and segregate operational responsibilities by role to keep your data safe – both from accidental user actions and malicious intent.

Comprehensive Log Data With Auditing 

Data logs are critical for auditing and monitoring access to your resources – both for security purposes, and for meeting audit requirements. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure empowers administrators with highly-detailed, searchable logs which allow you to quickly and easily track access to a particular database or piece of software.  By doing so, you can reduce your operational and security risks, and ensure you meet all audit requirements for your databases.

Identity Federation For Simple Administration 

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity Federation allows you to quickly and easily migrate your existing users and groups into the cloud, and set the proper levels of administrative privilege based on their role. By doing so, you can seamlessly transition between your existing systems and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Extensibility For Third-Party Security Solutions 

Your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure product will have full support for third-party software solutions, which may be required for protecting resources and customer data in the cloud. Whether you’re contractually obligated to implement additional third-party security solutions due to client agreements, or you simply wish to have extra data protection, you can quickly and easily install additional third-party security solutions. 

Fault-Independent Data Centers

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure uses a network of data centers which are completely fault-independent, and have been designed with scale-out architectures that are high-availability, and hardened against attacks on the network. This ensures that your database will remain functional, intact and operational even in the case of a natural disaster or a security attack.

Rigorous, Tested Internal Processes & Security Controls

Oracle’s team of cloud architects must adhere to a rigid and rigorous set of internal processes and security controls throughout the entire process of developing cloud services and infrastructure – which helps ensure no hidden security flaws slip through the cracks.

Certified Adherence To Oracle Security Standards

All Oracle Cloud Infrastructure deployments adhere to strict security standards from Oracle, which are verified using third-party certifications, audits, attestations and more. Not only does that keep your data safe, but it also helps you demonstrate your own compliance to your security and compliance teams – and to clients, outside auditors, government regulators and more.

Your Data Is Protected With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Security 

Thanks to the powerful security protections included in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you can rest assured that your database is completely protected – not only from hackers and malicious actors, but from internal employees, accidental errors and security flaws, and much more.

For more information about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure security – or to get started with Oracle database products – you can contact CDSI now. We specialize in Oracle database administration, and we can help you learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and if it’s right for you. Contact us today to get more details.

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