Cloud Service Provider Security

With today’s digital transformation, the shift to the cloud is fundamentally inevitable. Therefore, the best way forward is to continually assess the security of the increasing number of cloud service providers to enhance safety. IT professionals need to take a proactive approach to understand the possible virtual security risks and how to mitigate them before permitting use. Below are effective ways to evaluate cloud service provider security:

1. Internal Controls

It is essential to evaluate a provider’s internal controls. For example, you should check which data center protections the service provider has and see if they have appropriate compliance certifications. It’s also prudent to confirm if the said cloud service provider offers end-user activity logging.

2. Evaluate Security Controls of Physical Infrastructure

Technically, the security of an IT application relies on the security of the physical facility of service. As an IT organization, you must ensure that your cloud service provider has the proper security controls in place. In addition, physical infrastructure such as printers should be stored in secure locations and guarded against physical threats.

3. Experience or Past Performance

Before using a cloud service, you must check the vendor’s performance history. Remember to check if there are identifiable breaches—any publicly disclosed violations or malicious use of its service. You may also want to know if the company conducts penetration testing regularly.

4. Legal Compliance

Organizations have varying legal compliance policies and security measures to safeguard their assets and intellectual property. Therefore, you should check to know the IP ownership and identify their specific definitions of IP ownership regarding the use of the vendor’s cloud services. It’s also vital to determine the terms of account termination with the company as well as their data sharing policy.

5. Customer Service

The most important thing is to determine if the vendor can offer you the best cloud computing services when you need to move to the cloud. At Cornerstone Data Systems Inc., you will not only find the most effective cloud solutions for your business but can also get professional support to help your team set goals and solve business challenges.

Furthermore, we know that figuring out which cloud security program is best for your business is challenging, but you are not alone. Cornerstone promotes good practices for cloud computing, solely focusing on security. You can get started in 3 easy steps:

  • Schedule an assessment call to discuss your IT cloud computing needs.
  • Discovery session – Our IT professionals will establish the systems and databases that need an upgrade and identify the best ways to meet your needs.
  • Receive a tailored plan – Once we understand your needs, we’ll develop an individualized plan that suits your requirements and offer you a free quote.

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