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High Performance SQL Databases on Flash Storage

Microsoft SQL Server databases play a critical role in many Atlanta companies IT infrastructures, handling both revenue-producing
transactions and analytical queries that drive business insights. Virtualized SQL Server databases create an especially
demanding blend of I/O traffic for storage infrastructure. Kaminario’s K2 All-Flash Array
combines consistent low latency, high throughput, and IOPS with a very low price per GB, making it a cost-efficient primary storage for all virtual and physical environments including SQL databases.

K2 Benefits for SQL Databases:

Lowest Costs – Deployment and operating costs can be two-thirds that of legacy or hybrid storage arrays — averaging $2 per effective GB after compression

Consistent Low Latency and High Throughput/IOPS – Keeps SQL databases highly responsive even under peak demands and mixed OLTP and OLAP workloads

No Single Point of Failure – Fully Active/Active design and scalable fault domains ensure high availability and no downtime

Simple Management – No disk groups to plan or manage, no manual tuning or monitoring, all managed via a single web

High-Efficiency RAID –K-RAID™ is highly efficient and robust with 87.5% utilization and up to two SSD failures per SSD shelf with no loss of performance

Non-Disruptive Everything – Upgrades, expansion and maintenance can be done online with no downtime and no loss of performance

Native Data Compression – K2’s compression saves two-thirds of database capacity — matching best-case SQL Server compression with no additional load  on database server CPUs

Advanced Features – Adaptive block size, selective deduplication, zero elimination, Flash management and native snapshots deliver optimized performance, save capacity and enhance media endurance

SQL Server Compression