By: David Rincon

The following is an example of how to provision storage for ASM disk groups in a Real Application Clusters deployment. These are suggestions for carving out storage in general terms from any appliance. This configuration is for releases of Oracle RAC 11g and above.

The following matrix represents individual LUNS from SAN to be presented to each node in the cluster and their respective sizes. Database, Online REDO, UNDO/TEMP, FRA and BACKUP should be sized to meet RAC DB requirements. The Grid Infrastructure (OCR and VOTING disks) should be sized as shown. Each node in the cluster will have the same internal disk requirements. Also indicated in the matrix are the file system types these LUNs will be mounted as. All SAN based LUNs presented for DB ASM and Backup Partitions will be configured using native Linux multi-pathing and must be presented as such to node operating systems. The partitions, which will host the Oracle Software binaries, can be either internal storage or presented from SAN.



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