The days of IT teams and administrators custom-building databases has come and gone. While custom-built databases do offer a more controllable, customizable infrastructure, the cost of upkeep, maintenance, and time spent upgrading and patching systems has made purchasing a purpose-built Oracle Database Appliance is much more attractive to many companies.

We’ll take a quick look at five of the cost-cutting, ROI maximizing benefits of purchasing and implementing a purpose-built Oracle Database Appliance, and talk about how the Oracle Database Appliances X6-S and X6-2M can help your company as it scales.

1. More time to enable the business, less time spent supporting technology

A custom-built server is never an all-in-one solution. Generally, a server is purchased, alongside a storage solution, networking solution, and then a database superstructure is added – either by your IT team or a group of consultants.

That means that, when installing a custom-built server, all five of these aspects of its implementation must function flawlessly – and each element of the new system must understood by a team of administrators for peak performance.

The all-in-one Oracle Database Appliances contain every piece of the puzzle necessary to provide a great administration experience, integrating storage, databases, and networking into an easy-to-install server that can be administered simply and efficiently.

Costs of ownership are reduced and business agility increased, while the robust support of Cornerstone’s DBA Support team helps back up the database administrator with plenty of technical expertise, if necessary.

2. Easy, Smooth Patching Allows For Higher Availability

A custom-built server solution can easily require many resources to patch and upgrade correctly – storage administrators, network administrators, database administrators, system administrators, or even techs familiar with the installation and optimization of a server.

A purpose-built database appliance from Oracle only requires one administrator, and with the power and expertise of Oracle’s support team, the database administrator will be easily able to escalate problems for quick patches and fixes.

This helps reduce costs, as your system is less likely to suffer catastrophic failures or long downtimes caused by issues updating and patching.

3. Reduced Costs With Scalable Licensing

When you build your own Oracle Database Environment, you’ll typically have to pay for a full complement of licenses – regardless of whether you use only 20% of them, or the entire amount.

This means that building a database can be much more pricy than purchasing a purpose-built solution – Oracle Database Appliances are eminently scalable, and allow the purchase of licenses per-user up to the 100% cap, allowing you to scale up when you need to, and even scale-down if necessary, increasing business agility and flexibility.

4. Optimized Installation and Maintenance

Installation of a custom-built server can be quite an ordeal – each piece must function perfectly, be tested, and maintained. This means it takes longer to install a custom-built server, and each element of the server must be patched individually. Typically, this means over 16 patches per year are required for a custom-built solution, and a staff with the requisite expertise are necessary to quickly implement these patches.

All-in-one Oracle Database Appliances require an average of 4 easily-deployable, simple patches per year, given their convenient all-in-one design. This reduces costs and increases agility of your business by requiring fewer man-hours, and allowing your IT team to focus their efforts and attentions elsewhere.

5. Higher Performance With NVMe Flash Storage

Both the X6-S and X6-2M are built with high quality, reliable flash storage solutions that provide excellent uptime and high-reliability. When building a custom server, options like tape drives and traditional hard drives and RAID arrays can be attractive due to their low cost – but suffer from some important flaws, such as longer access times and lower reliability and availability.

Flash storage is highly sought for a reason – it’s simply the fastest and most reliable storage solution on the market, and the all-in-one design of Oracle Database Appliances ensures maximum performance is squeezed out of these high-capacity flash storage devices.

While flash storage is more expensive than other options, the incredible speed and high uptime they allow easily makes up the cost, and allows your business to operate more smoothly and efficiently.

Cornerstone – Your Oracle Database Appliance Partner

Cornerstone specializes in the installation and sales of Oracle Database Appliances like the X6-S and X6-2M, and even offers managed database services if you would like to further simplify and streamline your company.

So whether you just need a trusted partner to help you install your new Oracle Database Application, or an all-in-one managed service provider to help you maintain it, Cornerstone is the perfect Oracle partner. Our comprehensive, boutique consultancy model is built on mutual trust and building relationships – we focus on our client and their needs, rather than our bottom line.

So give us a call today, and see what Oracle Database Appliances can do for your business.

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