What does Oracle Database Managed Services Entail?

Database management services relieve your organization the stress of managing your cloud database resources, giving you time and freedom to concentrate on other essential aspects of the business. Cloud infrastructure database management services will allow you to manage Oracle databases effectively. At Cornerstone Data Systems Inc., we provide database management for these oracle databases.

  • Oracle cloud databases: These are databases running on bare metal and virtual machine DB Systems or Exadata cloud services cloud solutions. Bare metal and virtual machine DB systems operate on one-node virtual or bare metal machines and 2-node Oracle real application clusters systems on virtual machines. Exadata is a cloud platform supported by Oracle database that allows you to operate the database workloads and use the Exadata in the cloud.
  • External Databases– These are oracle databases interlinked to a resource in external database services found outside the Oracle cloud infrastructure.

Our Oracle database management services involve monitoring your oracle database environment all year round. Whether yours is in the cloud, hybrid environment, or on-premise, we have the resources to keep your database running.

Benefits of Oracle Database Management Services

  • Work with the best DBAs

Typically, companies, CTOs, and CIOs may only have one or no DBA to direct or perform tasks to create a conducive database environment. With Oracle Database managed services, you will access several certified DBAs. The breadth of skill is significantly beneficial to your organization since the knowledge is shared across the entire team. If there’s an issue with your database, you will be sure to find a solution from a DBA who has encountered a similar problem before.

  • Improved security

Your service provider can offer weekly, monthly, or quarterly database health checks. Combined with machine learning, these checks will boost your organization’s security since your database environment will constantly be monitored and optimized.

  • Peace of mind

Working with a reputable and certified oracle partner like Cornerstone Data Systems Inc. gives you peace of mind knowing that your database environment is handled professionally. Besides, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of resources in the recruitment process if your internal DBA decides to leave.

  • Flexible support

Every business or corporation is unique and has its requirements. Your service provider should work towards meeting your needs. At Cornerstone Data Systems Inc., we are ready to meet your requirements whether you require 24/7 support or need us to bolster your existing DBA team when the need arises.

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