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What makes the all new Oracle X6-2 such a great choice for companies looking to revamp their Oracle server infrastructure? Simple. Security, performance, and architecture. Click get started, and complete the contact form to get pricing on the Oracle X6-2 appliances.

The Oracle X6-2 represents the next step in a long line of Oracle server solutions. This secure, reliable server is built to be the absolute fastest and most high-performance 2-socket server (X6-2S, however,  is a single socket server) that Oracle has ever produced to run its software, and the all-new Oracle X6-2 server is the ideal solution for running virtualized machines supporting enterprise-wide applications.

The Oracle X6-2HA also can be used in a clustered configuration with Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters) and other Oracle clustered database appliances.

But what makes the all new Oracle X6-2 such a great choice for companies looking to revamp their Oracle server infrastructure? Simple. Security and architecture.

The Oracle X6-2 is the most safe, secure Oracle server device ever made, and includes an architecture that allows it to out perform any other server solution on the market, supporting high-bandwidth SSDs, including DDR4 memory, and with support for advanced Xeon processors.

Read on to learn about how the Oracle X6-2 has redefined Oracle’s approach to advanced security features and blazing-fast architecture.

Oracle Security – “Built In, Not Bolted On”

The above quote is from Oracle themselves. Oracle believes that true security can’t be an afterthought. Instead, security must be built into database appliances, servers, and other advanced, critical IT infrastructure devices from the outset.

The Oracle Global Security Group is part of this philosophy. This arm of Oracle is dedicated to ensuring that top-notch security features are built into each and every Oracle device, utilizing the latest security features available, as well as performing security audits on all software and hardware, and ensuring compliance with the latest threat profiles.

In-House Design And Manufacturing To Prevent Security Vulnerabilities

A tremendous amount of security vulnerabilities are injected into hardware and software by third-party manufacturers, whether for personal gain or for more sinister purposes. Oracle avoids this problem entirely. Each and every Oracle server is built entirely in the United States, avoiding handling by any company that may have reason to inject harmful malware or viruses onto important IT infrastructure.

This includes the motherboard – this x86-based device is built entirely in-house, with no third party capable of reaching it to install any “backdoors”, or other dangerous devices onto Oracle’s motherboards.

Finally, this dedication to security extends to Oracle firmware. No source code from Oracle’s proprietary firmware has ever been released to the public, and the Oracle ILOM (Integrated Lights Out Manager) system stack fully complies with FIPS 140-2, and includes advanced security features that IT administrators can use for fine, granular control of access to crucial pieces of IT infrastructure.

Advanced Architecture For Peak Performance

Oracle is the only company that offers a fully vertically-integrated software and hardware stack. By using the Oracle X6-2 server alongside Oracle OS, virtualization software, and cloud management tools, you can unlock exceptional server performance.

Indeed, the Oracle X6-2 has delivered server speeds of up to 10x those of leading competitors, and has delivered world-record setting benchmarking results.

These incredible speeds are delivered by advanced system architecture that incorporates Database Smart Flash Cache technology.

The Database Smart Flash Cache

Modern IT systems have to handle an absolutely tremendous amount of data, and fast processing and access times are paramount when it comes to selecting a new server system.

Essentially, Database Smart Flash Caching is an extension of an age-old Oracle computing method. In most Oracle servers, a large, dedicated shared memory area called the “SGA” (system global area) is used to load Oracle Database blocks during transaction-based workloads. If the SGA fills up, speeds can decrease massively, so a solution was developed that allowed the SGA to expand dynamically – without adding more flash memory to the SGA pool.

This solution takes advantage of the large amounts of flash storage now typically found on high-performance servers like the Oracle X6-2. The buffer cache is allowed to dynamically expand beyond the SGA pool by using high-bandwidth SAS-3 SSDs, providing a second-level cache that’s available to the SGA pool when required.

This data is also dynamically cached in the SSDs after being accessed. This ensures that, if the same complex data sets are frequently accessed, lower-speed NAS and SAN storage devices don’t have to be accessed again, speeding up the delivery of crucial data.

One of the technological breakthroughs that allows this is the Oracle NVMe drive.

Oracle NVMe Solid State Drives

These highly-advanced SSDs nearly triple the bandwidth provided by traditional SAS-3 hard drives.

Essentially, these SSDs operate by cutting out a middleman – PCIe SAS Controllers. Traditional x86 server architecture required a PCIe SAS controller to translate between the PCIe root complex and SAS-3 flash controllers used on SSDs. This allowed an effective top data transfer rate of 12 Gb/sec.

NVMe Solid State Drives eliminate this “middleman” entirely – a specialized PCIe-flash controller connects directly to the PCIe root complex built into the Oracle x86 server, providing a data throughput of 32 Gb/sec – a tremendous performance advancement that allows these SSDs to be used as ad-hoc RAM by the SGA pool, when required.

Oracle-X6-2 NVMe SSD Architecture

The Oracle X6-2 – Advanced, Secure, And Expandable

Today’s businesses demand a more robust IT infrastructure than ever before. Data sets grow, processing speed must be increased, and your infrastructure has to grow with the ever-increasing amounts of data required to stay competitive in today’s business world.

By creating a truly innovative and secure server appliance in the Oracle X6-2, Oracle has created the benchmark for the servers of the future.

Incredible performance meets total flexibility and expandability provided by the Oracle OS, firmware, and software/virtualization stack, and unparalleled security is provided by Oracle’s tightly-controlled supply chain.

The future is here – the future is the Oracle X6-2.

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