In today’s modern world, data is the most valuable asset that a company has. Your databases contain a wealth of information about your customers, your products, and your performance as a company – and that’s why the world of “big data” analytics has exploded in recent years. Find out how the Oracle X6-2 database appliance helps secure your most sensitive data!

More cyberattacks than ever are being performed on American companies, and this means that data security should be a top concern for anyone who is interested in upgrading their database infrastructure.

Most hacks are done by exploiting security vulnerabilities in software. Though these are the most common types of hacks, they’re also the easiest to prevent – a simple software patch is usually enough to eliminate a security vulnerability.

However, it’s much harder to eliminate – much less detect – a hardware vulnerability. Because of this, criminals have begun exploiting the large, often-overseas supply chain of modern computer equipment to hack the BIOS of new servers – and gain access to your valuable data.

BIOS Security – A Growing Concern

BIOS stands for “Basic Input-Output System”. In every modern computer, the BIOS is what boots the computer and loads the operating system.

Because the BIOS is very basic, it sits below the operating system – and anti-malware programs, firewalls, and antivirus services don’t usually scan the BIOS. This means that the BIOS, if compromised, can pose a serious threat to the security of a database system. Your system could be sending data to a third party – and you may not even realize it.

To compromise a BIOS, a potential hacker needs to have physical access to a motherboard or database. That’s why it’s become very common for these hackers to attack server systems when they’re overseas, and still being built by large Chinese factories.

So how can these BIOS attacks be prevented? Oracle has come up with a solution – the Oracle X6-2 Appliance. By focusing on hardware, firmware, and software security, Oracle can provide unparalleled data security. Let’s take a deeper look at the security features of the X6-2 now.

Hardware: Preventing BIOS-Level Attacks With Smart Supply Chain Management

In order for a hacker to compromise a BIOS, they must have physical access to it. That’s why inexpensive servers that are manufactured overseas are at risk – there is often not much oversight when it comes to supply chain management and security.

However, all Oracle x86 servers are designed 100% in-house – and the motherboard of the X6-2 database appliance is built without any third-party support. This ensures that there is no way to create a “back door” entry into the BIOS.

In addition, all other X6-2 components are manufactured in the United States, under strict oversight from a security team. Because of this tight supply chain and control over the design of the X6-2, hardware vulnerabilities are eliminated entirely – there’s no way for a hacker to gain access to the BIOS.

But hardware security isn’t everything. Next, let’s take a look at the firmware security precautions taken by the X6-2.

Firmware: The X6-2 Firmware Is Developed And Owned By Oracle – And Has Never Been Released To Third Parties

“Firmware” refers to any permanent software installed in a computer’s memory. This includes BIOS and system management stacks, and any other low-level program that allows a computer to load up a more complex operating system (OS).

The Oracle X6-2 firmware has, like the hardware, been designed and developed entirely by Oracle. The source code of this firmware has never been released to any third parties, ensuring maximum security of the X6-2’s low-level firmware.

The Oracle ILOM (Integrated Lights Out Manager) system stack is also FIPS 140-2 compliant, supporting all latest encryption ciphers. The ILOM also integrates robust IT access controls to ensure proper levels of administrative access for each user of the X6-2, and advanced prevention technologies to prevent illegal firmware updates.

Finally, the Oracle X6-2 has been built with robust software-side security features that maximize the security of the entire appliance.

Software: Oracle X6-2 Servers Only Support Secure Protocols To Maximize Network Security

The X6-2 ILOM supports HTTPS, SNMP, and IPMI protocols, as well as other secured, encrypted network protocols. It automatically rejects connections from untrustworthy services, ensuring that your network is safe from vulnerabilities.

And because the ILOM service processor integrates with other Oracle systems such as SPARC servers, storage appliances, and other x86 servers, you can be sure that your Oracle X6-2 is protected from common network vulnerabilities.

This focus on hardware, firmware, and software hasn’t just made the X6-2 incredibly secure against cyber-attacks – it has made it extremely efficient. The highly-optimized design of the Oracle X6-2 has already broken records for speed and efficiency.

This combination of security and speed makes the X6-2 a great choice for any company looking to maximize data availability while minimizing the risk of a cyberattack.

Protect Your Sensitive Data – See The Oracle X6-2 Appliance For Yourself

Cornerstone is a certified Oracle partner, and our expert consultants would be happy to tell you more about the details of the advanced Oracle X6-2 server appliance, and the other Oracle x86 platforms that we provide.

Each one of our advanced database solutions can increase the efficiency of your existing databases and protect you from common security threats, and our team of expert consultants can help you migrate your existing Oracle databases to an advanced database appliance like the X6-2.

So don’t wait. Protect your data. Protect your company. Schedule an appointment with Cornerstone today.

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