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At Cornerstone, we’re certified Oracle partners, and we’re happy to provide our customers with the very best in Oracle X7 database solutions. Today, we’re proud to introduce the latest additions to our product lineup – the powerful and versatile family of Database Appliance X7 systems!

Oracle Database Appliance X7-2S

The Oracle Database Appliance X7-2S

This powerful system has been designed to let small businesses have access to the same enterprise-level technology in use by larger companies – and give them a competitive edge.

This is a fully-integrated system, built to run databases of a single instance with blinding speed. With built-in and automated data provisioning and storage configuration, it’s easy to run, and offers blisteringly fast database performance.

By default, this system comes with 10 powerful Intel Xeon processor cores, and 192gb of memory, expandable to 384gb of system memory, depending on your needs.

Finally, 12.8TB of NVMe raw storage offers plenty of space for your datasets, and ensures incredible read/write performance for your database.

Oracle Database Appliance X7-2M

The Oracle Database Appliance X7-2M

This Oracle database appliance has been custom-built with the needs of mid-market companies in mind. It offers exceptional performance at an affordable price, perfectly meeting the needs of firms which require powerful data processing, but cannot shell out for a costly and difficult to use enterprise database management system.

Like other Oracle database appliances, this is an all-in-one solution, engineered to seamlessly integrate networking, processing, storage, and data retrieval. This database appliance supports both Oracle Database Standard and Enterprise edition, with flexible licensing options available to allow it to grow with your business.

Under the hood, this database appliance features 36 Intel Xeon processor cores, 384GB memory (expandable to 768GB) and 12.8TB NVMe raw storage, expandable to 51.2TB, all within a single rack-mounted server.

Oracle Database Appliance X7-2HA

The Oracle Database Appliance X7-2-HA

This database appliance has been engineered for use in the most sensitive business applications. It maximizes redundancy on both a hardware and software level – ensuring that you will always have 24/7 access to mission-critical datasets.

This database appliance features 72 Intel Xeon cores, and 768GB of memory, expandable to 1.5TB. 5 high-performance SSDs provide 16TB of storage capacity, expandable to 64TB.

In addition, this system can utilize high-performance HDDs for long-term data storage – up to 15 extra 10TB HDDs can be added, bringing the maximum potential storage space to 214TB of flash and HDD storage.

This is an ideal solution for consolidating multiple databases, and for applications where high availability is absolutely mandatory – such as the healthcare industry. With built-in redundant power supplies, networking, cooling, and storage, you can rely on this system for all of your most important database operations.

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