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In the world of medical IT, Epic systems reign supreme. It’s estimated that over half of all patient EHR (Electronic Health Records) are managed by Epic EHR software suites. Because of this, it’s absolutely critical to lock down your Epic databases, ensure HIPAA compliance, and protect yourself against costly data breaches or vulnerabilities.

It’s more important than ever to avoid patient data loss. In 2016, a total of 13.5 million EHR records were lost to hackers, and this trend has continued in 2017, with a variety of high-profile, costly data breaches.

Failure to adhere to best practices for Epic Cache Database implementations can lead to health care provider liability – and serious HIPAA fines in case of negligence.

Epic relies on the InterSystems Cache Database for its EHR capabilities, so it’s critical that you’re able to understand and analyze this database for security vulnerabilities. At Cornerstone, our team of data security experts is the perfect partner for your company.

Protect Your Data – Cornerstone Helps You Lock Down Your EHR Records!

The consultants at Cornerstone are experts at analyzing InterSystems Cache databases for vulnerabilities, and setting up advanced security precautions such as encryption, authentication, and user privileges. Our services include:

  • Security Analysis – Our team of consultants can perform a comprehensive examination of your Epic Cache database, analyzing issues such as user privileges, use of encryption, connected systems and hardware, and potential data vulnerabilities.By providing you with a comprehensive report and analysis of your Epic Cache database, we can give you valuable insight into your systems, and allow you to take necessary precautions to minimize liability and risk of intrusion.
  • Setup And Maintenance Of InterSystems Cache Security Features – From SSL encryption to administration of privileges and user access, our team of consultants can help you use the built-in security features of your Epic Cache to lock down your data, and ensure that you minimize the risk of internal data loss.
  • HIPAA Security Rule Compliance Auditing Services – Companies violating the HIPAA Security Rule can be hit with huge fines if it is found that they have exposed patient data – whether purposefully or accidentally.Cornerstone consultants are familiar with all HIPAA Security Rule best practices, so we can help you protect yourself from violating HIPAA guidelines, and ensure that patient records are safe.

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