An Overview of Microsoft SQL Server Managed Services

Having your Microsoft SQL server managed by a specialist database service provider can help improve its performance, minimize risks of unplanned downtime, reduce your costs, and allow your business to focus on activities it needs for expansion.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find reliable SQL server experts to provide solutions tailored to your specific needs. At Cornerstone Data Systems Inc., we understand that managing your server’s growing data storage and accessibility requirements while maintaining good performance is a real challenge.

Also, addressing complex SQL database issues and managing cloud backup and disaster recovery can be a full-time job. Save yourself the agony by delegating these tasks to the cloud and database experts at Cornerstone. Our SQL server managed services deliver the best solutions in the industry, customized to your environment.

Our Outstanding SQL Server Managed Services

Your SQL server system is mission-critical to your company’s technology environment. The IT experts at Cornerstone understand that and can help create a robust database to help develop applications and processes to improve your business. Your IT infrastructure needs innovative resources and cost-effective management solutions with a great focus on supporting growing business demands to remain ahead of the competition.

Whether your business lacks a robust foundation at a database level, is at risk of losing crucial data, has a knowledge gap, or has trouble reacting to database issues in real-time, we have your back at Cornerstone Data Systems Inc. Our IT experts are equipped to provide you with reliable and cost-effective IT solutions to improve your business operations.

As SQL server managed services experts in Atlanta, GA, our database managed services are designed to meet today’s customer needs and requirements. Whether your IT systems are located in the cloud or on-premise, our SQL server-certified specialists are available to ensure your database applications are fully optimized.

These solutions are jam-packed with extensive security features to help safeguard data and disaster recovery capabilities to add new enhancements. The new database technology enables hybrid scenarios that support a hyper-scale cloud that works to benefit customers.

Why Choose Our SQL Server Managed Services?

  1. Multi-faceted database support – Cornerstone’s database administration team has extensive knowledge and experience in SQL, Oracle, and other major server database systems. We understand that not all businesses have the financial muscles and resources to maintain full-time professionals of DBAs. We eliminate this challenge by offering multi-faceted database solutions at competitive prices.
  2. Improve operational performance – Our database resources have been designed to provide innovative answers and allow your team to focus on the core activities of your business.
  3. Personalized services – With our SQL server managed services, you will have the flexibility to choose what works for your business. You will also have access to 24/7 expert support for all your server management, whether remotely or in the cloud.

How to Get Your Solution

  • Schedule an assessment call with our IT experts.
  • Identify systems that need support and monitoring.
  • Contact Cornerstone DBAs to receive a customized plan.

Ready to receive your customized plan? Contact us today and let us know your Microsoft SQL server managed services needs.

Start a conversation about Managed Services

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