Cornerstone offers a variety of options to provide you with data storage, backup and restoration services, along with data protection. You can rely on Cornerstone for a cost-effective solution that will reduce your vulnerability, improve your data availability and keep you in regulatory compliance.

Sure, tape-based backup is part of your Information Availability plans for less time-sensitive information.  But a significant portion of your business depends on always-available information. Without that critical data, employees are idle and revenue may suffer while costs escalate.

Whatever the size of your enterprise, CornerStone Data Systems Storage Services can meet your managed storage needs with SAN Services, Data Backup Services, and Vaulting Services.

SAN Services

Get “always on” storage for your large database infrastructure for Web applications. CornerStone Data Systems Managed SAN Services is a flexible, scalable offering that provides a shared storage platform. With it, data is accessed from a highly available RAID-protected storage from the hosted servers at one of our secure data centers.

Vaulting Services

Automate data backup anywhere, anytime even when the information is located outside the data center. Reliably. Securely. CornerStone Data Systems Vaulting Services provide automatic protection for information on servers regardless of their location, without the need for tapes and with a minimum of IT staff involvement.

Data Backup Services

Restoring data in a production environment hosted at a CornerStone Data Systems facility can be easy and efficient.
It provides a single-source solution for any business that requires regular backups of critical data hosted in a CornerStone Data Systems data center, for both operating system and applications.

Data Backup Services enable your organization to achieve:

  • Improved efficiency, accessibility and usability
  • Affordable and predictable backup costs
  • Round-the-clock backups without on-site staff
  • Support for your internal controls and regulatory requirements
  • Physical, off-site protection of backup media
  • Visibility into systems monitoring via our Managed Services Portal

If there’s a problem in the production environment, you remain confident that data backups will be complete, up-to-date and ready to restore.