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Big Data demands specialized platforms for interpretations, and Cornerstone – A certified Cloudera partner – specializes in Cloudera Hadoop platform implementations and business intelligence.

Your Big Data and Business Intelligence (BI) Partner

Data is the most important asset your company has. So it’s no surprise that, as companies grow in complexity and technological advancement, data has kept piling up.

We’ve entered the era of “Big Data” – simply defined, the term “Big Data” simply refers an extremely large, advanced, and complex set of data (or multiple sets) that must be analyzed computationally by advanced software to be understood. In other words, these sets of data are too complex for traditional methods of data analysis.

These extremely large data sets are useful, but they can’t simply be analyzed on their own – the size and complexity of today’s datasets demand not only specialized tools but smart, savvy business intelligence analysts who can understand them.

Storing Big Data

As companies grow, traditional storage methods become insufficient to store large, advanced databases, and the question of scaling always comes up. And while Big Data is certainly valuable to a company, nobody wants to pay an arm and a leg just to store their data.

Cornerstone in Atlanta and Houston, specializes in big data and business intelligence storage solutions with low costs, scalable solutions, decreasing storage costs and increasing ROI.

Understanding Big Data With Business Intelligence Platforms

Big Data demands specialized platforms for interpretations, and Cornerstone – A certified Cloudera partner – specializes in Cloudera Hadoop platform implementations.

The primary advantage of the Cloudera platform is its customizability – though most companies are now dealing with the effects of large, complex datasets, Cloudera can be customized to meet your particular needs without breaking the budget.

Cornerstone’s team of expert business intelligence analysts in Atlanta and Houston can help you understand what tools you need now, and which tools you may need as you scale, allowing you to focus on purchasing and implementing the tools that will give you the most useful set of BI tools with the lowest cost.

The Advantages of Big Data and Business Intelligence

  • Make Decisions Based On Facts – When you have a robust, easy-to-use Big Data application at your fingertips, it’s easier than ever to dive deeply into every aspect of your corporate structure – billings, accounting, sales, budgets, and more – and interpret the overall health of the company. This allows you to make key decisions based on concrete facts and metrics – no guesswork involved.
  • Eliminate Waste – With flexible reporting and auditing tools that extract the maximum amount of insights from your datasets, it’s easier than ever to identify problem areas of a company that need restructuring or elimination, reducing overhead and increasing ROI.
  • Identify New Business Opportunities – Maybe your company has been focusing its marketing efforts on a new product that’s not selling well, while an older product that’s been largely ignored sees its sales spike. With smaller, less comprehensive datasets and tools, this information could be siloed and wouldn’t be comparable, but with a large, flexible Big Data system, valuable insights can be gained from data that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Cornerstone – Your Ideal BI and Big Data Partner

Cornerstone is a different kind of IT consultancy. Our boutique business model is based on trust, relationships, and mutual benefit – not just boosting our bottom line at the expense of your budget.

We pride ourselves on our honesty and our dedication to ensuring each and every one of their clients gets exactly the solution they need – never relying on a wasteful, costly, “one-size-fits-all” approach.

And when it comes to Big Data and Business Intelligence, our team of specialists is in a perfect position to help you extract the maximum benefit from your data at a minimum cost to you. That’s the Cornerstone difference. We provide big data and business intelligence solutions in Atlanta Georgia and Houston Texas.

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