Big Data & Business Intelligence

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Expert BI Services

Cornerstone’s team of expert consultants is familiar with popular big data services and tools, and also contains expert business intelligence analysts who can help you understand your data sets.

What our clients say about Cornerstone’s business intelligence consulting services

Our hospital needed help transforming care delivery, improving patient experience, quality of care, employee satisfaction, throughput, and readmissions. Cornerstone provided the expertise to help support the initiative with their sound experience with big data and BI – John (Healthcare Industry)

Big Data and Business Intelligence Services (BI)

All of the data in the world won’t help you if you don’t have the right set of tools with which to analyze your data, understand its meaning, and implement changes based on your results.

This is one of the reasons that the Big Data and Business Intelligence fields are growing at such a rapid pace. The proliferation of data that’s so commonplace among ever company, demands an increasingly complex set of tools with which to organize and understand it.

Cornerstone’s team of expert consultants is familiar with popular big data services and tools, and also contains expert business intelligence analysts who can help you understand your data sets.

Hadoop and Cloudera Services

Cloudera is the industry leader when it comes to big data platforms, and this Hadoop-powered platform is as robust and customizable as it is reliable and scalable. If your company needs a set of big data analytics tools, Cloudera is an excellent choice.

Cornerstone is a certified Cloudera partner, so our team of consultants are experts when it comes to implementing, modifying, upgrading, and maintaining the Cloudera Hadoop platform. Among other services, we can implement and organize the administration of Hadoop architecture, set up new Hadoop users, monitor the security and connectivity of Hadoop clusters, and support file system maintenance and monitoring.

We also offer extensive Hadoop Administration DBA services, such as manual task automation, patch and upgrade installation, disk space management,  database backup and recovery, and software installation/configuration.

If you need a partner to help you implement your new Cloudera platform, Cornerstone is the perfect choice.

Business Intelligence Services

Our Business Intelligence Services allow you to install and use Oracle  business intelligence services centered around a primary application –  Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition is a powerful, web-based software application allows for an incredible set of tools, including:

  • Ad hoc queries
  • Online Analytical Processing
  • Disconnected and mobile analytics
  • Search and collaboration
  • Business process invocation
  • Enterprise and financial reporting
  • Integrated systems management
  • Scorecard and strategy management

The other tools in this enterprise package are also exceptional, providing comprehensive oracle business intelligence presentation services. These tools include Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher, Oracle Essbase, Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management, and Oracle Essbase Analytics Link.

In addition, this low-impact system can easily integrate with current IT infrastructure, providing an exceptional ROI, and has the lowest cost-of-ownership of any comprehensive BI solution on the market, despite its holistic, feature-rich suite of Business Intelligence tools.

For cloud implementations, Cornerstone can also assist with the Oracle business intelligence cloud service. Leveraging the Oracle cloud provides incredible capability for business intelligence and analytics services.

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