Kaminario Consulting

High Performance Virtual Desktops on Flash Storage

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) enables IT to easily provision, manage and secure enterprise desktop environments.  These environments, however, generate a random blend of I/O requests with periodic storms from boots, logins, and shutdowns.  Cornerstone has partnered with Kaminario K2 All-Flash storage to deliver high availability and high performance VDI environments at a very low price point.

K2 Benefits for Virtual Desktops:


Lowest Cost – Deployment and operating costs can be two-thirds of legacy storage arrays – after deduplication effective costs can be below $1 per GB or under $20/desktop

Simple to Deploy/Manage – Integrate with VMware and vCenter via plug-ins, or use the K2 GUI!

Latency/Throughput – Performance ensures virtual desktops remain responsive even under extreme peak workloads

No Single Point of Failure – Share nothing architecture ensures virtual desktops are available even if up to two SSDs fail at once in a single shelf

High-Efficiency RAID – An 87.5% efficiency dual-protected K-RAID

Non-Disruptive Everything – Upgrades and expansion are done online with no user downtime and no loss of virtual desktop responsiveness

Efficient Data Reduction – Native inline data deduplication reduces desktop capacity needs by 90%